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We Equip & Empower Great Leaders of Great Purpose

USILD holds a series of programs designed to build skills in the areas of art of advocacy, art of speaking with purpose, art of debating, political leadership, the art of diplomatic negotiation, and international relations and diplomacy. These programs are designed to equip and empower leaders with transformational skills needed to place them in a position of change makers. Change makers are expected to be strong enough and wise enough to advocate, implement policies and transform organizations, community, nations, or our world for the benefice of people. Candidate to a program are required to make an application and satisfy the admission requirements related to chosen program. Each program sets its own rules of admissibility and most of them admissions are competitive. Places are limited in each program. Candidates are required to apply as soon as the enrollment is open.  We invite you to visit this site check the opening enrollment period  and pay attention to the last enrollment date and time. Training are based on role-play simulation  methods. Programs are set to   equip and empower change makers and transformational leaders with practical skills in the following fields of actions:

The Art of Negotiation
The Art of Commending Powers
International Litigators
Change Makers
Policy Studies
Strategic Studies
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