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Competencies-Building Programs

Our leadership development courses guide you through a career-spanning process of leadership development, from aspiring leader to senior executive. You’ll learn alongside experts from across governments, seniors practicing executives, distinguished faculty, networking and sharing best practices. Our courses are offered at the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy's Campus located at Baymeadow Dr., Glen Burnie, MD 21060; other locations around the world,  and online.

Each class presents cutting edge frameworks and strategic case studies to empower leaders to up-level participants critical thinking, business and interpersonal skills, and apply insights to top business challenges. We promise you will have your thinking challenged by the seasoned executive coach facilitating the program and receive ample support and feedback from the senior colleagues in their cohort.


Our Approach

Our approach is driven by the idea of developing visionary leaders capable of transforming outcomes in organizations, communities, governments, nations, or our world for the benefits of peoples. Our programs are built on foundational public services that draw its values from divine authority, and competencies that transcend professions and missions. Drawn in the latest public and private researches, our programs and services are dedicated to the mission of transforming peoples and organizations, focusing on contemporary challenges through the lens of both government and private sectors. This approach fosters the exchange of ideas, best practices, and resources to strengthen and improve individuals and organizations. Our programs support developing high potential visionary leaders, and senior executives, building capacity to solve challenges, and improving human resource capabilities.

Developing Visionary Leaders.

We believe great leaders can transform and improve organizations or governments to best serve the people.


Whether you are an aspiring leader, new supervisor, or seasoned executive, our career-spanning, multilevel leadership curriculum guides you through development and career growth – for your current role or the one you aspire to.

We foster a curriculum built upon OPM Model of Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) and competencies that represent guide posts on the path to career and organizational success.

Our leadership programs are offered:


Competencies-Based Training

At the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy we specialized in building competencies aspiring and emerging leaders from where they to the greatest levels of leadership. We offer a variety of skill-building courses for non-supervisors and those looking to progress to higher levels. View our full course schedule or learn about specific courses and programs below. Contact us at

Developing Transformational Leaders

We empower great leaders doted with ability of transforming and improving government programs to best serve the American people. Whether you are an aspiring leader, new supervisor, or seasoned executive, our career-spanning, multilevel leadership curriculum guides you through development and career growth – for your current role or the one you aspire to.

Leadership training curriculums at the USILD are built upon Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) model used by US government. These competencies represent guidepost on the path to career and organizational success. Our leadership programs are offered:

  • For individuals through our portfolio of leadership development courses.

  • For agencies through group deliveries of leadership development courses or customized leadership programs. 

Customized Leadership Programs


Our consultants address your specific needs with customer-centric solutions that support your workforce. We can design a program that meets the scope and size of your organization and provide subject-matter experts to help address your agency’s challenges.

  • Custom Workshops to build strong leadership competencies

  • Team Development Programs to help you and your associates work more effectively, especially across organizational or geographic barriers

  • Facilitated Planning Programs that focus on mission, budget, technology, strategic planning, performance improvement, and other critical issues

  • Organizational and Individual Assessments to help you understand your staff’s needs and optimal alignment

Helping Build Transformational Capacity that Solve Challenges

Our learning methods based on project-based, case studies, learning by doing learning approach help agencies to solve public sector, complex challenges around people, processes, and performance while building their capacity through training and participatory learning.

First, our consultants guide you in thinking how customized innovation programs can meet your agency’s unique needs. Then, we help you apply design mindsets, approaches, and methods to address those immediate needs.

This approach equips your agency’s employees with improvement, innovation, and design capabilities to apply to transformation initiatives.

1) Human-centered design:  USILD program provides project-based learning in human-centered design to support capabilities in:

  • Customer experience design

  • Community and user research and engagement

  • Equity initiatives

  • Problem framing

  • Strategic planning

  • Service design

  • Program design

  • Organizational development

  • Operations and business systems

2) Process improvement: Offered through USILD's Process & Performance Improvement Program, our improvement capabilities include:

  • Utilizing data to shape critical public sector processes

  • Supporting the shift of time and energy from low-value to high-value work, and

  • Uncovering root causes of process challenges




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