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The United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy educational programs are designed to reflect USILD's divinely driven mission.

Morally Minded Educational Programs

The United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy's mission is to equip and empower the next generation of transformational and divinely driven leaders, capable of advocating and advancing policies deemed to transform organizations, communities, nations, or our world for the benefits of people.


USILD is dedicated to delivering trainings that promote spiritual development and leadership skills that respond to the needs of peace, prosperity, and enable people to live in a more safe, free, just, and sustainably prosperous societies. Its commitment that combines the cutting-edge research, spiritual empowerment, and direct intervention with practitioners, permits the USILD to generate an impact on its ability of suggesting solutions on public problems affecting organizations, communities, nations, or our world.

Our faculty, staff, students and participants commit in a diverse range of public challenges in the United States and around the world.

The United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy is a division of the Orpe Human Rights Advocates. Our programs, research, and engagement with practitioners focus on the following priorities:

  • Promoting educational programs that provide disadvantaged and underserved communities with an opportunity to upskill their intellect and research capabilities. It also provides a second chance of elevating social economic status through their enrollment in our outstanding teachings and trainings with programs centered around public leadership, political studies, diplomacy and international relations, legal studies and trial advocacy, public policy, international business policy, international finance, religious studies for spiritual development, public and business administrations. 

  • Strengthening democracy

  • Advancing social justice and human rights

  • Increasing economic well-being

  • Enhancing sustainability

  • Improving public leadership and management

USILD educational programs are divided into four categories: (1) degree programs; (2) continuing education programs (certificates);  (3) performance-centered programs; and (4) professional development programs.

For Individuals

  • ​Executive & Leadership Programs

  • Topic-focused programs

  • Regional Programs

  • Virtual Programs

  • Leadership & Management Certificate

  • Corporate Director Certificate

  • Thematic  Certificate Programs

For Organizations

  • Custom Programs

  • Programs for Small Teams and Individuals

  • Partner with USILD

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