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Executive Leadership for Government Officials
Program for Aspiring Leaders

The Aspiring Leaders Program (ALP) prepares employees for leadership and professional growth. Understanding the importance of planning early in one’s career, this program guides participants to develop a strategy for personal leadership and career development. The program has a target audience of GS professionals up to the Grade 6 level, or those who possess an equivalent classification in a Wage Grade series or in the private sector.

High Potential Leaders

In today’s complex, ever-changing world, management expertise is not enough to drive change and ensure success: You must also be a leader. That means you need a skill set defined by the ability to build coalitions, drive results and performance and guide organizational change.​ Senior Executive Performance is the preeminent professional development program for public sector executives who want to sharpen their leadership and managerial skills. It's designed for GS-12/GS-15 federal employees and their corporate sector, international and military counterparts.

Core component: Leading Change

Program for New Leaders

New Leader Program (NLP) prepares employees at the GS 7-11 levels or equivalent for management and leadership positions. The program Core component is "Leading Self." The objectives behind the program are to provide motivated individuals the confidence and training they need to set and meet personal and professional goals, expand their network, and broaden their experience.

Digital Transformation in Gov.-Innovating PP & Services

Participants will be trained and provided with leadership, psychological, managerial, and spiritual wisdoms that will permit him/her handle the uncertainties. This is a competency-based leadership development program. It provides training and developmental experiences for high-potential executives level at the levels GS12-15 or equivalent.

Core component: Leading Change

Authentic Leadership

Authentic leader is one of the charismatic traits that elevate a leader to the level of greatness. In this program, you will explore your values and passions to find your own True North—an inner compass to guide you when nothing else can—and lay a firm foundation for leadership that will inspire new levels of success.

Leadership Presence & Influence

Do you wonder why you sometimes get the traction you want with people, while other times it feels like you’re spinning your wheels? It’s not luck. You must be able to persuade and influence those you lead to get results in a positive way. Finding the win-win in every interaction is critical to achieving this, as your team and stakeholders must willingly go in the direction, you’re asking them to go. It’s the integration of these skills—persuasion, influence, and negotiation—that allows leaders to gain traction and develop high-performing, fully engaged teams.  It's important to understand that all of us are born with leadership instance. Leadership is within us. However, this skill needs to be developed. To be fully successful, you ne need to have a good understanding of the leadership concepts and terminology surrounding the process of becoming an influential leader. This is what we are going to learn in this program:

Advocacy & Political Leadership

In this Session you will be trained on:

  • How to discover actionable strategies for reprogramming your mindset and achieving success in the area of political management

  • Mastering strategic planning, communication tactics, vision, and other core skills great leaders have

  • Building confidence towards becoming a lifelong political guru and advocate of a great purpose

  • Gaining technical skills in quantitative analysis, data analytics, and survey research

  • Having deep understanding of voting behavior, polling, campaign strategy, technology and social media, campaign finance and ethics, and PR and marketing communications

Moral & Ethical Leadership in the Imperfect World

New Leader Program (NLP) prepares employees at the GS 7-11 levels or equivalent for management and leadership positions. The program Core component is "Leading Self." The objectives behind the program are to provide motivated individuals the confidence and training they need to set and meet personal and professional goals, expand their network, and broaden their experience.

Unleash your Potential

Understand your motivational drivers, emotional intelligence, and communication methods to establish a personal leadership style. Apply or adapt your leadership style to meet specific challenges. Manage the conditions that drive team performance. Coach colleagues and share feedback in ways that enable them to develop and deliver. Take charge of your professional development as you navigate the challenges of transitioning from an individual contributor to a leader.

Management: Changing an Effective Leader into Global Executive

Moral Leadership in an Imperfect World is a five-day executive program examining this complex issue. Using insights from adaptive leadership, moral psychology, and professional ethics, this program will introduce you to a new model of leadership designed to strengthen your ability to weigh difficult moral decisions and exert influence regardless of your level of authority.

Tolerating the difficult moral trade-offs that inevitably arise when having to make hard decisions in real-world situations requires a skill set that tests the capacity of most leaders. By advancing a multilayered theory of practical ethics, Moral Leadership in an Imperfect World will help you cultivate the necessary skills to make better moral decisions in today's polarized world. 

Executive Certificate in Organizational Leadership

The new configuration of the world doesn't show a picture of peace and stability. It’s undeniable that the ‘Age of Uncertainty’ is upon us, bringing with it market turbulence, stunted growth and political change. In unprecedented times, leaders bear the burden of balancing the scales, from the needs of the employer versus those of employees, to prioritizing agility and innovation along with structure and strategy. The best leaders are the ones who master this balance, calmly addressing complex challenges with confidence and clarity

Spiritual, Moral & Ethical Leadership in the Imperfect World

In this imperfect world where the power of darkness tends to influence the mindsets of decision-makers, exercising leadership that further for change must take into consideration the moral, ethical and spiritual components in the process of decision-making. These components exert great impact of influencing change in individuals, organizations, communities, nations, or our world at large. 

More than ever, this new era of unfaithfulness world governed by new order infected by the law of selfishness needs bestowed leaders whose leadership practice are rooted by raison, justice, and divinely guided principles. Bestowed leader is one whose actions and decisions are rooted not only in sound moral judgment but also driven by a deep understanding of the laws that govern the supreme dimensions.

Unleash the Potential of Leaders Around You

Program provides you with key tools and techniques to become more effective leaders and managers who get things done. It focuses on building your understanding on how the team around you perform. You will be empowered with leadership fundamentals and be trained on how to take charge, lead a team, unleash potential of the team around you. You will analyze group dynamics and develop best practices for managing high performing teams, as well as influencing performance on an individual, group or cross- team level, to meet organizational challenges. Upon completion you will have developed leadership skills needed to develop and unleash the dormant potential of the members team operating around you. Through self-reflection and leader-to-leader learning, you will have gained practical actions to evolve and sharpen your leadership style that meets the developmental needs of the team members and achieve success in your organization.

Global Change Agent Leadership

The increase in volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity in today’s world means there is no longer one approach to management that can be applied to all organizations and work environments. Leaders must adjust their leadership strategies and styles to be more flexible and adapt to a variety of challenges and situations. Institutions and communities need a new kind of leadership capacity—a capacity to deal with uncertainty, inspire others to transcend old habits and mindsets, orchestrate adaptive and creative problem solving, manage the stresses and losses associated with change, and produce results with others that go beyond what is currently imagined or foreseen. This kind of leader must be a dynamic change agent.

Explore Other Thematic Focused Programs for Senior Executives Related to Public and Private Sectors
Leadership for Senior Executives

Whether you're in the public, nonprofit, corporate sector, you know that effective leadership requires a lifelong commitment to learning, building new skills, and expanding your global network of colleagues and friends. To support you in your pursuit of this kind of continuous, professional development, the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy offers Executive Certificates.

Economic Crowth Focused Programs

Earn an executive certificate in public leadership, economic development, or nonprofit leadership

Public Leadership

Explore a wide range of programs for senior executives and great leaders of great purpose. Programs are designed for individuals and teams and customized for domestic and international organizations. Many of these programs have duration of one week or less.

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