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The Center for Perfecting in the Art of Advocacy and Persuasion of the USILD provides training in campaigns, fundraising, grassroots organizing, politics, and communications. CPAAP teaches leaders of all ages how to succeed in politics, government, and the media.

The CPAAP equips advocates, activists, and leaders through workshops, and seminars. It is a field program that trains future leaders and leaders, advocates, activists, civil rights lawyers to organize groups and build coalitions.

The CPAAP difference

While many liberal programs are designed to increase the involvement of liberal or conservatism activists, and advocates, few similar programs exists that especially focuses on the improvement of leaders' abilities and practical skills of the Art of Advocacy and Persuasion. Because activists, and advocates tend to focus on the power of ideas, and on policy or legislation. They  don't excels at organizing and mobilizing large numbers of people – activating them in the public policy process. While philosophy is very important, the lack of widespread, active and skillful activists, advocates is one of the reasons that weakens the effectiveness in the application of rule of law and the promotion of democracy. The CPAAP doesn't analyze policy; it teaches tactics, strategies, and skills on how to influence policy through direct participation, activism, and leadership.


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