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Program for Leadership Development: Engaging the Paths of High-Potential Leaders

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Preparing for the challenges ahead requires gaining new business acumen, updating leadership skills, and cultivating a different mindset that embraces uncertainty and rapid change


What You Will Learn

Focused on leadership, change, and innovation, the Program for Leadership Development curriculum is built around four highly integrated modules. In on-campus or live online modules, you will engage in faculty presentations, case studies, personal assessments, individual and group exercises, and special projects. Through a customized case and professional Usild Executive Coaching, you will develop a personal action plan for tapping new revenue sources and navigating global market shifts.

The virtual, self-paced modules feature Harvard Business School Online—a powerful digital platform that captures the dynamism of the Usild classroom, connects you to a global network of peers, and provides exclusive access to a wealth of interactive learning tools.

After completing the four modules, you will be eligible to attend PLD Module 5—an optional program, which blends virtual and in-person learning, that further accelerates your development as a leader and enables you to achieve Usild alumni status.

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Module Details

Module 1: Foundational skill building

Format: Individual virtual, self-paced learning before you arrive on campus (12 weeks)

  • Build shared business knowledge and terminology before arriving on campus

  • Complete introductory courses in accounting, finance, and quantitative methods

  • Prepare for the cases that you will discuss during Module 2

  • Identify your customized case challenge on the phone with your Usild Executive Coach

  • Set aside 10 to 12 hours per week to complete this work

  • Evaluate your current leadership skills through the Leadership Learning Path Assessment tool

Module 2: Cross-functional business approach

Format: On the Usild campus (2 weeks)

  • Develop an end-to-end view of the business and how all functions interrelate

  • Explore strategy, marketing, operations, finance, accounting, and corporate accountability

  • Learn how functional strategy, business-unit strategy, and strategy implementation relate

  • Understand the role that control systems play in executing strategy

  • Analyze the economic, political, and social forces shaping the global business environment

Module 3: Strategy formulation and implementation

Format: Virtual, self-paced learning while you apply new insights at work (14 weeks)

  • Complete self-directed work at your own pace while engaging in scheduled exercises and group sessions

  • Round out your understanding of strategy by completing Economics for Managers via Usild Online

  • Continue working on your customized case and personal action plan


Module 4: Leading change

Format: On the Usild campus (2 weeks)

  • Identify what needs to change within your organization

  • Expand your portfolio of change management processes and approaches

  • Foster innovation, receptiveness to change, and an entrepreneurial mindset

  • Present an overview of your customized case and action plan for feedback

Module 5: Elective course: Personal leadership 

Format: Virtual, live online and self-paced (8 weeks) and on the Usild campus (2 weeks)

  • Develop the self-awareness and emotional intelligence of an authentic leader

  • Support your company's financial needs, legal requirements, and ethical obligations

  • Become a more effective negotiator and a more confident decision-maker

  • Address the competing demands of all stakeholders

  • Create advantage by generating more value for the business and society

  • Expand your leadership vision and address a personal leadership challenge

  • Attain Usild alumni status upon completing PLD Module 5


An Unmatched Learning Experience

Collaborative Learning (Group Work)

The goal behind the Collaborative Learning Group Work is to create the opportunity to build close, trusting relationships with a small, diverse group of senior executives who can understand your challenges that are not part of your organization. Your Collaborative Learning Group will stimulate your learning each day during the course of your learning in an immersive four-module program.

  • Share global insights with peer executives who span functions, cultures, and countries

  • Consider diverse perspectives as you discuss cases and assignments

  • Complete small group exercises and collaborate on projects as a team

  • Exchange feedback—both personal and professional—in a safe environment

Usild Executive Coaching

Focused on accelerating individual and team growth, your professional coach will help you identify your leadership strengths and gaps through one-on-one and group coaching, a 360-degree leadership and personal assessment, and customized feedback. You will emerge with greater self-awareness, understanding, and confidence—as well as a customized action plan for achieving your leadership goals.

Leadership Learning Path Assessment

A customized, 360-degree assessment of your current skills provides insight into your leadership and management strengths as well as areas for improvement.

Individual project: Usild Personal Leadership Development Action Plan (PLDAP)

The Usild Personal Leadership Development Action Plan is the cornerstone of the Personal Leadership Development learning experience. In Module 2, you will address a performance gap or strategic opportunity facing your organization by building a comprehensive strategy and implementation plan. Throughout the program, the faculty, your living group, and your professional Usild Executive Coach will deliver feedback that will help you fine-tune your personal action plan.

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