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Great Leader of a Great Purpose

By Dr. Edward-t Moises


Upcoming Session:

Status: Closed

The program fee covers tuition, books, case materials, accommodations, and most meals.
Application Due: 02 MAY 2024

  • Dates: 12–15 MAY 2024

  • Format: In-Person

  • Learning takes place on the USILD campus or a designated location.

  • Location: USILD Campus

  • Fee: $4,600


What You Will Learn

You will be immersed in a program where learning method focuses on faculty presentations, case studies, individual exercises, small group discussions, student presentations and debates. You will be empowered with leadership tools that will help you explore the qualities of leading with authenticity as well as the deeply personal core of your own leadership.

During the training process, you will be provided the opportunity to participate in several leadership competencies sessions. The sessions are forum of debate-discussions designed to enable participants to speak about the personal roots of their leadership style in an intimate setting. These individual reflection and peer exchange-driven exercises provide an opportunity for for a participant to evolve his approach to leadership in a supportive environment that encourages more openness and self-reflection than might be possible in a large class setting.

Session requirements:

Before the program begins, you may be asked to complete certain exercises to help you maximize the value of your time on campus. You should expect to spend at least 7 hours on self-paced case preparation prior to attending the program. Case materials will be made available approximately 10 days prior to program start.

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Key Topics

Examining your leadership journey
  • Analyzing your formative experiences to find critical lessons that inform your authentic leadership

  • Recognizing and overcoming personal impulses that can lead to problematic leadership behavior

  • Learning how the most difficult times in your life can shape your passion to lead

  • Using your experience to shift from an "I" to a "We" orientation

Discovering your authentic leadership
  • Becoming more self-aware by embracing candid feedback from others

  • Clarifying and living your values, while establishing ethical boundaries

  • Understanding your motivations and capabilities, and finding the point where they align

  • Building your support team and finding leadership mentors

  • Integrating the different "buckets" of your life—family, community and friends, and career

Putting your authentic leadership into action
  • Identifying your purpose and establishing it as a cornerstone of your leadership approach

  • Leading by example—creating a culture of authenticity, high standards, and shared responsibility

  • Empowering others to lead—exploring six approaches that work

  • Optimizing your leadership effectiveness by understanding common leadership styles

  • Choosing the leadership style most appropriate to your authentic leadership

  • Creating a plan to help you achieve your leadership potential

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