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Graduate Certificate in Leadership and  Diplomacy (CLD) - Online

Our program of Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Diplomacy is designed to be a response to the need of empowering “emerging leaders, diplomats, and senior executives” who are ready to tackle the challenges facing today’s top diplomats and leaders. In these programs, you will learn how to develop a differentiated organizational strategy, excel as a leader of innovation amidst change, cultivate your executive presence, and build a thriving team and cross-functional culture. Through our immersive online experience, USILD will equip students to meet international relations and its challenges with thoughtful expertise. You will accelerated your professional career through the impartation of skills such as ability to analyze foreign politics, culture, and society strategically.

As a Senior Executive at G-15 level, you will be empowered. The program focuses on the development of the five Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs). The program is managed by World Center for Leadership Development. Program outcome will expose you in a cutting-edge career path that prioritize a mastery of policies shaping, a specialized policy knowledge, and ability of strategizing impactful initiatives in international relations and diplomacy.

Our program offers a condensed curriculum specifically designed for professionals and practitioners with years of experience in leadership and management, and international affairs. Students learn alongside peers with similar levels of experience and develop skills and theoretical knowledge that build on their existing skill set to further their potential in the field of leadership and international service.

Get prepared to lead high-level strategic initiatives in your organizations.

By developing expert-level knowledge in their specific area of focus, students become prepared to lead high-level strategic initiatives in their organizations.

For those with less professional experience in international relations who wish to enter the field, we also offer an online training in International Relations Program.

Students earning their international affairs master’s degree can align their course work with their desired career trajectory by selecting from a variety of concentrations, including Global Security, International Development, and U.S. Foreign Policy. They will also participate in at least one immersion experience held on the American University campus in Washington, D.C.—and have the option to study abroad, where they’ll meet their peers, network, and participate in hands-on projects on the ground. They will finish the program with a capstone that incorporates skills gained throughout their courses.

Advanced Standing Opportunity

Applicants who have extensive international professional experience may be eligible to apply for advanced standing and complete their degree on an accelerated track.

Advanced standing prospects will be evaluated based on the length of time they worked overseas and the intensity and quality of the international experience, including insights into the country’s culture, society, and politics.

Students granted advanced standing status can waive up to 6 credit hours, allowing them to complete the program in as few as 12 months.

If interested in advanced standing, students should contact an admissions counselor at to see if they qualify.

An Opportunity to Access Usild From Anywhere Around the World

With the interconnected world, Online programs at the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy provides you the opportunity to earn your master’s degree from anywhere. With our online master’s degree programs, you can build the specialized expertise, policy knowledge, and communications skill set to start creating a meaningful difference in your community and beyond.

As a student at Usild, you will enhance your expertise in international relations and foreign affairs and have opportunities to build a rich network of political and international connections without sacrificing your responsibilities at home.  Note: GRE scores are not required to apply.

No Matter Where You Are, Experience Usild

Our online experience brings Usild campus to you. You will benefit from both the flexibility of online learning and becoming a full member of the Usild community. This includes access to some of the leading voices in the international affairs community and resources unique to Usild’s location in the nation’s policy hub, Maryland or Washington, D.C.

Live Classes

Usild Livestream HD Platform Live Classes  |  24/7 Access  |  Small Class Sizes

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