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SES Leading for Excellence

Target Grades: Senior Executive Service (SES)




SES Leading for Excellence is the Federal Executive Institute’s senior executive development portfolio. This government-wide continuum of learning strengthens members of the Senior Executive Service (SES) through all phases of the senior executive lifecycle.

Program Details

Usild programs for SES Leading for Excellence are open to career SES, Senior Level (SL), Scientific and Professional (ST), and U.S. SES Equivalent (e.g., under Title 10, Title 38, etc.) members from across Governments.

  • Senior Executive Orientation Briefings: orient new senior executives to their enterprise-wide role and environment, providing practical advice on navigating unique challenges they face. Offered for all government agencies' benefit, these briefings examine senior executives' important role as the major link between top presidential appointees and the government workforce.

  • Senior Executive Forums: hone executives’ enterprise leadership skills by offering strategies, lessons learned, and practical tips. These interactive development programs focus on specific ECQ competencies, while also providing an opportunity for senior executives to expand networks.

  • Senior Executive Leadership Labs: generate new perspectives and approaches to a 21st century strategic “hot topic.” In these immersive, interactive programs, senior executives dialogue with colleagues, facilitators, and subject matter experts to enable continued development and networking.

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