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"This program will empower you with tools that will provide you with a more global perspective and a broader understanding of varying motives."


What You'll Learn

Working individually and in teams, you will engage in hands-on exercises and simulations that test and develop your personal skills as a negotiator and decision-maker. After conducting these representative, relatively simple negotiations, you will discuss the results with faculty and peers and assess the specific actions that produced different interactions and outcomes. Through complementary case studies, faculty presentations, and classroom discussions, you will explore additional principles and techniques you can apply to your own negotiations and interpersonal interactions.

Participants should expect to spend at least 9-12 hours on self-paced case preparation prior to attending the program. Case materials will be made available approximately two weeks prior to program start.

Key Topics

Auditing and enhancing your decision-making skills
  • Understanding your own habits of thought, assumptions, and gut instincts

  • Comparing rational versus intuitive decision-making strategies

  • Applying decision-making psychology, including insights from behavioral economics, behavioral decision research, and behavioral finance

  • Avoiding common decision-making mistakes

Understanding the core elements of negotiation
  • Preparing for the negotiation

  • Building your negotiating team and fostering effective teamwork, on your side and across the table

  • Executing the negotiation and analyzing the outcomes

Navigating challenging environments
  • Managing parallel negotiations

  • Participating in an auction

  • Dealing with apparent issues of right and wrong

  • Controlling emotionally charged situations

  • Adapting as the interests and goals of the parties change during the negotiation

Strengthening your team's skills
  • Transfer your knowledge of negotiating and decision-making to colleagues

  • Testing and implementing new ways to improve results company-wide

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