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Privat Equity Foundations
Experience has demonstrated that
Attending the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy programs is a great investment as it opens the doors to a continuity in establishing relationships and network with other leaders from around the world."

What You'll Learn

Through a rich learning experience that includes faculty presentations, case studies, group discussions, and practical exercises, you will develop a broader understanding of the best practices, core issues, and evolving trends in the private equity and venture capital industry. In the process, you will strengthen your problem-solving and decision-making skills and master new approaches to raising and investing capital.

Participants should expect to spend at least 9-12 hours on self-paced case preparation prior to attending the program. Case materials will be made available approximately two weeks prior to program start.

Key Topics

Private equity and venture capital overview
  • Surveying key limited partners

  • Structuring deals and raising funds

  • Analyzing term sheets and buyout structures

  • Examining the financing structures used by venture capital investors

Establishing and growing a private equity fund
  • Optimizing decision-making and strategies for exiting investments

  • Managing the blocking and tackling of capital raising

  • Examining the economics and incentives of general partner and limited partner relationships

Navigating an evolving investment industry
  • Exploring the impact and future implications of globalization in the investment industry

  • Understanding emerging challengers such as crowdfunding, special-purpose acquisition companies, and other alternative investment firms

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