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Serving as a Bridge between Diplomats, Government Agencies & Business Leaders

The United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy serves as a center of gravity between the diplomatic community, government agencies, nongovernmental organizations,  and corporate leaders to:

  • Provide leaders with the political, social and economic context driving public policies;

  • Establish and Strengthen important relationships among corporate, diplomatic, and government leaders to promote collaboration on key global economic and national security issues;

  • Exchange perspectives and gain valuable insight on timely domestic and international issues in a neutral, non-partisan setting;

  • Build capacity among the government personnel, nonprofits, and business community by serving as a training and resource hub that fosters knowledge and skill development.

Responding to the Need of Corporate Diplomatic Training for Global Executives








Recognized among the efficient corporate diplomacy programs, Corporate Diplomacy for Global Executives Program at the United Stated Institute of Leadership & Diplomacy is simply the response to the need of human capital training for businesses and governments taskforce operating at international level. 


At a glance, business diplomacy involves developing strategies for long-term, positive relationship building with governments, local communities, and interest groups, aiming to establish and sustain legitimacy and to mitigate the risks arising from all non-commercial or external factors in the global business setting. With the today’s corporate challenges, every company needs a foreign policy, and employees need to be trained as diplomats. The United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy has vocation of working at the intersection of business and diplomacy to support governments engagement worldwide and equip companies with the tools they need to conduct diplomacy and business internationally. The Usild Corporate Diplomacy Program trains aspiring leaders, senior executives and specialized officers with diplomatic skills, strategies, and insights to succeed not only in the interpretation of the current trends affecting international relations, but also succeed in a competitive global business environment.

Partner with Us

USILS’s approach to preparing the next generation of effective global leaders involves forming partnerships with a cross-section of established and emerging leaders. Our partners believe in us because, they have seen the positive and significant change that we bring to communities, cultures, and countries.

Our partners also value our non-partisan approach and meaningful public-private partnership opportunities with leading U.S. and foreign organizations, as well as the wide range of benefits that a relationship with USILD provides, including:

  • Insights on key global issues through our exchanges, training, forums, and cultural diplomacy programs.

  • Access to expanded networks of top leaders from around the world.

  • The opportunity to create value and increase impact by creating greater security, economic development, and mutual understanding around the world.


Transform yourself into tomorrow’s leader with innovative courses, programs, and technologies

We Empower Great Leaders of a Great Purpose

Uncover your divine identity as a transformative leader who leads and drives change with wisdom, vision, faith,  courage, self-confidence and determination by putting your indwelling power into the service of transforming businesses, organizations, communities, nations, or our world for the benefits of people. - Edward-t Moises

Our Approach

Our approach to leadership development is driven by a mission of delivering competencies-based leadership education to empower the next generation of transformative and visionary leaders capable of changing outcomes in businesses, organizations, communities, governments, nations, or our world for the benefits of people. Our programs are built on foundational public services that draw its values from divine authority and upskill with competencies that transcend professions and missions. Drawing on divine mandate of rule in accordance with a higher law, our programs and services are dedicated to a great purpose of transforming peoples and organizations, focusing on contemporary challenges through the lens of both government and private sectors. This approach fosters the exchange of ideas, best practices, and resources to strengthen and shine light in individuals and organizations. Our programs are designed to developing high potential visionary leaders and senior executives, building capacity to solve challenges, improving human capital capabilities and its ability to access to the world driven by the power of light.

An integrative programming approach

Usild's integrated programming approach provides leaders with a variety of platforms in neutral setting to develop an informed global view, cultural awareness, and collaborative peer networks to produce better outcomes. Usild works with governments, the private sector, and the diplomatic community to develop international exchange and training programs to build mutual understanding and help leaders better address global challenges and opportunities.

Training Formats

Usild develops instructional formats that are tailored to individual program requirements for leadership development. We believe that the strength of a training program lies in its ability to connect people with issues as well as with broader global networks, and Usild accomplishes this through a combination of instructions and experiential learning. Our custom programs combine practical tools with expertise from our high-level network, ensuring our private and public sector partners are equipped to navigate global challenges and opportunities.

Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs at the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy offer rigorous training and cutting-edged knowledge in areas relevant to professionals at all stages of participants careers. Courses are designed around proven content, mapped to U.S. Government core competencies and use an integrated approach that facilitates skill mastery, incorporating dynamic activities that challenge participants and introduce them to real-world career situations.

On-Site Training

Our on-site training is an efficient and effective way to ensure your employees receive the same information, as they learn practical applications, methods, and material at the same time. 

Customized Solutions

United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy is able to design courses and programs to meet your organization’s requirements, or design and develop new courses that address your needs.

On-Campus, and Blended Participation

The United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy is a-on-campus and in-person-led instruction. We also offer a variety of training modalities including virtual instructor-led, blended, and on demand online courses. Our extensive portfolio of courses is mapped to meet government agencies and related executive skills proficiency with up-to-date content that can be immediately used on the job.

Remote Classroom Participation

Participants in Remote Classroom are able to participate in training as if they were actually right there in the classroom. You can observe all instructor presentations and videos, participate in exercises and activities, and communicate real time with your instructor and peers, from the comfort of your home, office, or other location of your choice.

Each Remote Classroom has been fitted with a video camera. By logging into our online classroom from your computer or mobile device, you will be able to participate remotely in all aspects of the course.


With Remote Classroom:
• There is no travel required
• You can attend from the comfort and convenience of the location of your choice
• Get increased access to a range of classes not available in your area
• Complete your certificate remotely
• Earn credit just like in the face-to-face classroom

​Empowering the next generation of strong enough and wise enough change-makers capable of changing outcomes and advancing policies deemed to transform businesses, organizations, communities, nations, or our world for the benefits of people.

Pursuing Justice, Rights & Security

Under the aegis of the Orpe Human Rights Advocates, we promote programs that advocate for justice, freedoms, equal protection, social economic equity, peace and stability.

Diplomatic Studies

Gain the knowledge you need to thrive in today's interconnected global economy dominated by new international disorders.


  • Contentious Politics and Political Violence
  • Governance/Political Change
  • Groups and Identities
  • History and Politics
  • International Political Economy
  • Policy, Administration, and Bureaucracy
  • Political Anthropology
  • Political Behavior
  • Political Behavior
  • Political Communication
  • Political Economy
  • Political Institutions
  • Political Philosophy
  • Political Psychology
  • Political Sociology
  • Political Psychology
  • Political Sociology
  • Political Values, Beliefs, and Ideologies
  • Politics, Law, Justice,
  • Post Modern/Critical Politics
  • Public Opinion
  • Qualitative Political Methodology
  • Quantitative Political Methodology
  • World Polics
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