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Reimagine your enterprise with a clear path of creating economic value. Understand how strategic financial analysis creates value.


Enterprise Reimagined is the EY approach to help leaders develop a deeper understanding of how their business generates value. With better insights, leaders can strategically allocate capital and resources to create better versions of their companies – more nimble, more competitive and capable of delivering greater shareholder returns.


Understanding How  Strategic Financial Analysis Creates Values in the Context of Your Enterprise (Virtual)

To execute strategy effectively, senior executives must be able to measure outcomes and create the right incentives to drive results. To accomplish this goal in an era of increasing business complexity, executives need a solid understanding of how strategy is linked to performance metrics and value creation.

In this live online program, you and your peers—general managers and senior executives who are not financial specialists—will examine the use of financial analysis as a powerful tool for understanding and enabling the value creation process. You will acquire a deeper grasp of the relationships among business strategy, finance, accounting, performance metrics, and value creation—and emerge ready to help your organization improve performance over the long term.

Key Benefits

Contribute to your business at a higher level through a comprehensive framework for understanding financial performance metrics and how they relate to strategy and value creation. Whatever your financial background, you will learn how to apply rigorous financial analysis, and in turn, improve your ability to evaluate business performance, assess strategy, weigh potential acquisitions, analyze global competition, and ensure effective execution of your strategy.


Apply core concepts of accounting analysis and financial analysis
  • Leverage financial reports to analyze performance and assess valuations

  • Understand activities and capabilities that generate value and shareholder value

  • Assess return on invested capital and how it is impacted by operating and financing decisions

  • Apply proven tools to assess strategy, forecast outcomes, value strategic assets, and evaluate restructuring opportunities

Employ the levers of value creation to enhance results
  • Understand the principal drivers of value creation and know when to utilize them

  • Map strategy to performance metrics and drivers of value

  • Anticipate the potential impact of various performance metrics, including unintended consequences, and apply them appropriately

  • Align budgets and targets with strategic objectives

  • Achieve desired outcomes

  • Measure, track, and drive performance

Expand your personal and professional network
  • Extend your network by connecting and working with accomplished executives from various backgrounds, industries, and countries across the globe

  • Build relationships with a diverse group of peers who can provide wide-ranging insights into your business challenges and career decisions


Who Should Attend

  • General managers or other senior executives from any company, industry, or country, who are connected with strategic decision-making, M&A or finance, or controller functions

  • Entrepreneurs or other senior executives who would benefit from a deeper understanding of financial analysis, accounting, and valuation

  • Directors and senior managers who wish to tailor financial and non-financial performance metrics to analyze, motivate, and drive corporate performance

  • May also be beneficial for: Investors or financial analysts interested in a valuation framework that integrates strategy analysis, accounting analysis, performance analyses, and forecasting

Virtual Learning

This program features sessions in the USILD Live Online Classroom.


The learning methods prioritized by USILD are based on the case study method, and role-lay simulation method. In a world that is now centered around virtual connection, our programs reflect the input and experience of participants from more than 140 nations.


Making a decision to participate in the USILD Executive program, you made a wise decision that transform your professional career moving at the top level. You will benefit from a powerful learning experience carefully designed for a mixed format in-person and with a virtual setting in mind. Through live, synchronous program sessions you'll engage directly with our renowned faculty to learn from their latest research, gain actionable takeaways, and facilitate your growth. In addition, virtual discussion groups will connect you to a global group of peers and build your network.

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