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Leadership for a Democratic Society


Target Grades: GS-15 and Senior Executive Service (SES)



The Leadership for a Democratic Society (LDS) program serves as an enduring foundation for GS-15 and SES employees' personal and professional development. The program offers an unmatched learning experience to prepare senior government leaders for today’s complex challenges.

Anchored in contemporary leadership theory, the core curriculum is aligned with OPM’s Executive Core Qualifications. 

Core Competencies:

  • ECQ 1: Leading Change

  • ECQ 2: Leading People

  • ECQ 3: Results Driven

  • ECQ 4: Business Acumen

  • ECQ 5: Building Coalitions


  • 160 hours


  • Online

  • TBD


  • $4,800

Why LDS?


As a senior leader, you'll learn strategic leadership alongside high-performing, high-potential public servants across federal, state, local, and international governments. You'll return to your organization with increased capabilities, confidence, and commitment, ready to take on the most daunting challenges with:

  • Increased self-awareness as an individual, team member, and leader.

  • Enhanced leadership and management skills, especially in the areas of teambuilding, strategic thinking, influencing/negotiating, political savvy, and external awareness.

  • Expanded professional networks, enabling improved inter-organizational collaboration and problem-solving.

  • Broadened understanding of the U.S. Constitution as the foundation for federal public service.

  • Improved ability to leverage the diverse talents of the federal workforce.

  • Increased resiliency, mental and physical wellness, and work-life balance.

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