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The Transformational Leader  Who Leads with Vision, Courage, Faith & Integrity

Learn How to See, Realize that Everything Connects to Everything Else

Thousands of course programs about leadership are developed every single year, but we seldom have time to digest all of leadership knowledge we receive. Its now time to put this knowledge into action. Transforming a nation's regime, an organization's culture of operating is rarely simple, but the Usild Transformational Leader Program makes the process as clear, accessible, and practical as possible. This course was designed to help leaders bring people's heads and hearts together on the journey towards a new and better normal. You will learn practical insights from fourteen areas of research and practice. This program by Edward-t Moises is designed to create lasting change in even the most resistant, dysfunctional organizational culture. The program is designed to help government agencies, organizations of all shapes and sizes reach their full potential.

My Story

Required Competencies

Required Competencies

  • 5 ECQs

  • Ability to Understand your Divine Identity

  • Purpose- driven


  • Install the TLC in Your Mind

  • Status Quo: Map your mind here you are and plane your next actions as you go

  • Leadership: Define, declare, and develop your

  • North Star: Define and declare the direction of your organization

  • Change Agents:  Select your change agents and create your character

  • Brand: Refine and express your authentic brand to the market (constituency)

  • Events: Run a calendar of improvement workshop events

  • Assets: Co-create clear plans and reference points for your transformation

  • Teams: Build and develop highly effective teams

  • Games: Design systems of effective management

  • Results: Track the data and facts and collaborate on strategy

  • Player: Attract, select, develop and retain your valuable players

  • Rhythm: Embed a consistent rhythm of communication and practice.

Leading Change in a Democratic Society

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