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Competency and Gaps

Competency Modeling and Gap Analysis

Through Competency Modeling and Gap Analysis, we will help the agency identify core and technical competency models necessary for mission achievement. Assessing the current Mission Critical Occupations (MCO) against the necessary competency proficiency levels will help identify gaps where the agency needs to develop workforce planning initiatives.

Competency Modeling

We will conduct competency modeling or assess existing competency models using focus groups and survey methodology. Our consultants will review current job related materials and job analysis information to develop draft lists of tasks and competencies required for each Mission Critical Occupation (MCO). The content and wording of the draft lists will then be reviewed by subject matter experts (SMEs) in two focus groups: one for job incumbents and one for supervisors. The revised task and competency lists are then presented to all MCO job incumbents and supervisors for ratings in an online job analysis survey. Competency ratings include scales such as: importance, requirement for entry, need for training, etc. Task ratings include importance and frequency. Once this data is analyzed, we will provide finalized competency model and job analysis documentation.

Competency Gap Analysis

An analysis for workforce competency gaps involves two primary components: (1) the selection of competencies to assess, and (2) the identification of current proficiency gaps in incumbents’ ability to apply these competencies during job performance. We will conduct competency gap analyses for each of the MCOs identified by the agency. The selection of critical competencies for the gap analysis occurs through a focus group with SMEs. The selected competencies are presented in a survey to job incumbents and supervisors for ratings of current and required proficiency levels. The results of this analysis will provide information about the competency gaps that exist in the workforce, informing recruitment, development, or other HR initiatives.

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