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Elevate your leadership skills to take your organization to the next level.

Get Ready to Take a Lead - Organization Leadership

Prepare for the next phase of your leadership journey, whether you’re expanding your overall scope of responsibilities or taking over a larger department or organization. Knowing that we are moving from an era of individual leaders to an era of networked leadership teams that steer the organization.


What You'll Learn

Through faculty presentations, case study, and role-play simulation methods, you will be empowered with transformative tools that will help you master the required key concepts that will elevate your leadership skills and enable you to take your organization to the next level.

  • Identify any misalignments between the dynamics of your organization and external market conditions

  • Communicate purpose and vision, and inspire your organization to execute on that vision

  • Extend the reach of your influence by leading through other managers

  • Elevate your leadership style to meet the distinct challenges of leading larger, more dispersed teams

  • Develop strategies for planning and engineering organizational change and innovation initiatives

  • Shape your organizational culture and architecture to maximize talent, leverage diversity, and drive performance

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