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Master's in Human Rights Law 

Equipping and empowering Human Rights Advocates program at the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomatic offers curriculums centered on domestic and international human rights law. The program focuses on the provision of abilities in the areas of justice and accountability, civil rights, women's human rights, refugee and asylum law, business and human rights, international law, among many other topics. The curriculum is composed of the following topics:

Advocacy and Activism

  • Democracy and Rule of Law

  • Human Rights Advocacy in Action (Project-based Practicum)

  • Global Law Scholars Seminar II: Applying an International Skill Set (Seminar)

  • Global Revolutions, Civic Activism, and Civil Society (Seminar)

  • The United States and Human Rights (Seminar)

Business and Human Rights

  • Business and Human Rights (Fieldwork Pr)

  • Business and Human Rights in the Global Economy (Seminar)

  • Business, Human Rights and Sustainability (Seminar)

International Litigation

  • Service of Process

  • Jurisdiction

  • Evidence and International Discovery

  • Trial Consideration

  • Recognition & Endowment of Judgment

  • Civil Litigation and Commercial Litigation

  • Allien Torts Claim Act

  • International Lawyer for Foreign Litigation

Civil Rights

  • Civil Rights and Violence Against Women (Project-based Practicum)

  • Civil Rights Clinic

  • Civil Rights Statutes and the Supreme Court (Seminar)

Criminal Justice and Human Rights

  • Street Law: Criminal Justice and Human Rights (Project-based Practicum)

Critical Theory

  • International Human Rights: History, Theory, Promise and Critique (Seminar) 


  • Research with Human Subjects: Law, Policy, & Ethics

Health and Human Rights

  • Global Health Law (Seminar)

  • Health and Human Rights Practicum (Project-based Practicum)

  • Industry Epidemics: Non-communicable Diseases, Commercial Risk Factors and the Law (Seminar

  • LGBTQ Health Law and Policy (Seminar)

  • Regulating Alcohol, Tobacco & Food in International and Comparative Law (Project-based Practicum)

Human Rights and Development

  • Law and Development (Seminar)

Human Rights Instruments and Institutions

  • Human Rights and the Inter-American System (Seminar)

  • International Human Rights Law (Seminar)

  • International Law I: Introduction to International Law (Seminar)

  • International Law in Domestic Courts (Seminar)

International Criminal Law / Accountability

  • Immunity under International Law (Seminar)

  • International Criminal Law (Seminar)

  • International Law, Human Rights & Fighting Impunity (Seminar)

  • War Crimes, Terrorism & International Criminal Procedure (Seminar)

Law of War / International Humanitarian Law

  • Advanced Topics in International Humanitarian Law (Seminar)

  • Intro to Humanitarian Crises (Seminar)

  • Law of War (Seminar)

  • War Crimes, Terrorism & International Criminal Procedure (Seminar)

International Law

Study of substantive law, procedural law, due process, and remedies. A survey of the following substantive fields of international law:

  • International economic law

  • International security law

  • International criminal law

  • Diplomatic law

  • International humanitarian law, 

  • International human rights law

Migration and Refugees

  • Center for Applied Legal Studies (Clinic)

  • Gender and Immigration (Fieldwork Practicum)

  • Immigration Law and Policy (Seminar)

  • Refugee Law and Policy (Seminar)

National Security and Human Rights

  • International Law, National Security, and Human Rights (Seminar)

  • National Security Law (Seminar)


  • International Law Seminar: Poverty Reduction and Accountability (Seminar)

Racial Justice

  • Race, Inequality, and Justice (Seminar)

  • Racial Equity in Education Law & Policy Clinic

Reproductive Rights

  • Reproductive Health and International Human Rights Law (Project-based Practicum)

  • Reproductive Rights (Seminar)

Women's Rights

  • Gender and U.S. Foreign Policy (Seminar)

  • International and Comparative Law on Women’s Human Rights (Seminar)

  • International Women’s Human Rights Clinic

  • LAWA Graduate Seminar

  • LAWA Graduate Seminar II

Worker Rights

  • Employment Discrimination (Seminar)

  • Policy Clinic (Harrison Institute for Public Law)

  • Worker Rights in the Global Economy (Seminar)

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