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U.S. Immigration Law and National Security

Learn the Fundamentals of U.S. Immigration Law and Procedure


The fundamentals course of U.S. Immigration Law  is a 40 hours course  designed to help those wishing to become  advocates understand the basics of U.S. immigration law and procedure. The course addresses general issues that shape the core immigration law and also addresses concepts used within the scope of immigration law practice. The program focuses on the available legal bases that permit an alien acquire immigration legal status, the forms of available immigration benefits, and issues that have an implication on inadmissibility and deportability. The course also addresses issues related to  available protections for those who fear harm from their countries of origin., specifically the doctrine of well-founded fear in the asylum case, the doctrines of credible fear and reasonable fear of persecutions. and process in removal proceedings. The program also explore the reliefs available to those facing deportation, including the cancellation of removal, asylum, adjustment of status). The course also explore issues such as motion to reopen or reconsider, criminal issues, and Due process. The course also introduces participants  to the critical practice skills necessary to be an effective advocate, including interviewing, legal research and professional responsibility rules and best practices.

Instructor:   Edward T Moises

Learn How to Effectively Represent Clients In Immigration Court


Representing Clients in removal proceedings is a challenging process.  The course was designed to help advocates involved in the process of representing an individual in immigration court have required skills to effectively representing clients in removal proceedings. The program addresses situational analysis which includes everything from case analysis at the beginning of proceedings to seeking relief from removal, and filing BIA appeals.  The course also addresses  issues such as  bond proceedings,  the practice of hearings in the court, motions, ethical issues in immigration court practice. Training method based on role-play and explore recent cases law,  court rules, and other legal issues.      

  Instructor:  Edward T Moises

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