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USILD Advertising Policy

United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy, in all its advertising, publications and promotional literature must be truthful and avoid any false or misleading impressions of the School, its programs or services. The School must avoid any misleading statements which have the likelihood or propensity to confuse or deceive. The School does not engage in aggressive marketing and does not use inducements to encourage students to enroll.

All statements used in any external communications to the School's student and customer community should be clear, factually accurate, current and consistent across all media venues. The primary emphasis of all advertisements, publications, and promotional literature should be the School's educational programs and services.

Any advertising or media comments that state, imply, or suggest that the School guarantees placement in employment at any time are strictly prohibited. All classified advertising seeking prospective students that is placed by the School must appear under "instruction," "education," "training," or a similarly titled classification and shall not be published under any "help wanted" or "employment" classification. All paid and free advertising (with the exception of advertisements for employment at the School) must be coordinated with the Marketing Department.

Printed promotional information must be specific about prerequisites for admission to programs; the curriculum; content of courses and programs; learning outcomes; student performance expectations; graduation or completion requirements; and all associated costs (including any equipment or services required). Statements regarding accreditation are made in accordance with the policies of accrediting bodies.

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