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Global Diplomacy Leadership
Global Business Leaders Need Diplomacy Skills

Diplomacy is an ever-changing artform that shifts with the times and the needs of a nation. Usild’s Diplomacy Forums gather diplomats, military officials, business leaders, policy experts to explore trends and challenges in U.S. and international statecraft. Recent programs have explored diplomacy and foreign policy related to outer space, the Arctic, the ocean, climate change, global health, cyber security/disinformation, and equity and inclusion. USILD supports the career development of college students and young professionals by welcoming them to participate alongside established global affairs practitioners.

The effectiveness  of American businesses abroad and on the world stage is directly related to U.S. policies and the US domestic actions at national level. This includes expanding the responsibility of international affairs beyond Washington and the Federal government. All Diplomacy is Local explored the emergence of cities and states as global actors in diplomacy, their evolving impact on everything from international trade and business development to climate change mitigation and global health, and how engaging previously underserved and overlooked pockets of America will fortify U.S. international relations. It underscored how defending democracy and its values has returned as a critical tenant of U.S. foreign policy and one the American people can rally around.

USILD's Corporate Diplomacy Global Leaders Program is designed to equip leaders with a deeper understanding of the diplomatic strategies and geopolitical insights needed to succeed in a competitive business environment. Trade agreements, cyber vulnerability, hot and cold wars, and economic crises have all impacted the daily activities of businesses in every industry. Protect and advance your business interests by empowering your company with the diplomatic tools needed for today’s global challenges.

How to use diplomacy to advance business interests.

As businesses navigate constantly evolving global geopolitical landscape, and the economic implications of these changes, diplomatic skills are an essential element for success in the global marketplace. From marketing, sales, and HR teams to government relations and C-suites, leaders at all levels need the tools and the resources to respond to corporate challenges like:

  • Expanding into new markets

  • Conducting transactions in hostile or politically complex regions

  • Engaging government officials + stakeholders

  • Managing global teams


USILD is the leader in corporate diplomacy training– empowering participants with the diplomatic tools to build efficient, effective global leaders.

We always have worked at the intersection of business and diplomacy to strengthen U.S. engagement with the world. Our experience and network or expert practitioners enable us to deliver high-return training and leadership development programs to corporations and other organizations looking to prepare and protect your global teams.

  • New country managers and regional office heads

  • Professional development and retention tool for high-performing employees

  • Team-building off-sites for international team fly-ins

  • Deep dives into specific tradecraft skills

Our Methodology

Our workshops are developed by diplomats and business leaders for diplomats and business leaders. An elite team of USILD staff presents:

  • Engaging, interactive training environment through simulations and exercises

  • Custom-designed programs delivered by diplomats from the highest levels of government

  • Application to real-life corporate situations

Our Insights

  • Enhanced diplomatic skills, including stakeholder management, negotiation and deal-making

  • Cross-cultural awareness, intelligence and communication skills

  • A deeper understanding of the relationship between business, government, and NGOs, and strategies for engaging stakeholders and building public-private partnerships to advance business interests

  • Insight and understanding of the geopolitical dynamics shaping today's global business environment, including politics, economics and culture.

Our Track Record

Curriculum Options


The USILD Corporate Diplomacy Professional Development Program curriculum can be tailored to meet an individual company's objectives.





  • The Role of Diplomacy in Global Business

  • Cross-Cultural Communication + Intelligence


  • Topline issues shaping the global business environment include global trade wars, China and Russia sanctions, and more.


  • Diplomatic Engagement Strategies for Stakeholders

  • Closing the Deal: Diplomatic Negotiation Strategies

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