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Helping "emerging CFOs" to start rounding out the skills they need to be successful." You will develop the knowledge and capabilities you need to succeed as a modern CFO. You will also discover how to build your skills in key areas, identify blind spots or competency gaps, and gain tools and insights relevant to the CFO role. 


Strategic CFO: How to Succeed in an Era Driven by of Digital Transformation

The he role of the chief financial officer (CFO) as the capital markets and organizational strategies have evolved. Today's CFOs are not just gatekeepers of a company's financial information; they serve as key strategic partners who must fulfill a broad set of responsibilities. In Strategic CFO, you will learn what it takes to meet the demands of the CFO role. You will begin to build a robust set of skills in strategy, communication, and leadership that will enable you to drive innovation and lead organizational change.

Key Benefits

As an emerging CFO, Strategic CFO program will help you develop the knowledge and capabilities they need to succeed as a modern CFO. In the company of other senior financial leaders, you will discover how to build your skills in key areas, identify blind spots or competency gaps, and gain tools and insights relevant to the CFO role.


Enhance your financial decision-making skills
  • Review and practice applying frameworks and tools of value-based management

  • Learn about financial policies and practices used by other organizations and determine which ones best suit your organization

  • Formulate processes and understand the key considerations of financial policy decisions

Become a strategic partner to the CEO
  • Discover how to formulate, evaluate, and implement strategic choices that are grounded in financial metrics, but not limited to them

  • Learn how to determine which metrics are most appropriate for your organization

  • Make crucial choices about investment, divestitures, and the optimization of distinct product and geographic segments

  • Identify new opportunities to use finance to advance the strategic goals of your organization

Develop your leadership capabilities
  • Lead, motivate, and engage people with expertise different from your own

  • Oversee processes, such as capital budgeting and managing risk, in an effective manner

  • Gain confidence in situations outside of your areas of expertise

Strengthen your communication skills
  • Improve how you describe your plans and performance results to stakeholders

  • Become a more effective advocate for actions that create value

  • Effectively communicate and collaborate with leaders and teams across different functional areas and levels

Expand your personal and professional network
  • Extend your network by living and working with accomplished executives from various backgrounds, industries, and countries around the globe

  • Build relationships with a diverse group of peers who can provide wide-ranging insights into your business challenges and career decisions

Who Should Attend

  • New CFOs who want to enhance their skills

  • CFOs of smaller or divisional entities who are transitioning to larger entities or evolving CFOs taking on increased responsibilities

  • Finance professionals—such as analysts, treasurers, controllers, and those in financial planning and analysis—seeking to enhance their strategic acumen

  • Financial leaders from early-stage companies or technical backgrounds (e.g., digital startups), as well as government and nonprofit financial leaders seeking to be more effective in their roles

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