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Equipping and Empowering Human Rights Litgators

Equipping and Empowering Constitutional Lawyers

The United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy in collaboration with the Orpe Human Rights Advocates has one of its vocations centered on equipping and empowering civil rights lawyers (litigators) through litigation skills development.  USILD built its reputation on training litigators attorneys. USILD equip and empower students, practicing, and leaders with skills and abilities to take on extraordinarily challenging cases, setting our program unique and apart from other. USILD program continues has set a bar and has made a difference in a wide range of cases where they have exhibit extraordinary abilities to take down some of the world's most well-financed and aggressive litigator adversaries.

USILD trains litigators who have tenacity of carrying over to the work of upholding civil and human rights, where USILD trained lawyers tackle cases with exceptionally difficult legal barriers. USILD faculty has the legal savvy, skills and resources to impart skills USILD trained lawyers  with the ability to delivery top-notch results for clients. USILD trained litigators are imparted with the ability to represent individuals and organizations in some of the more difficult civil rights challenging cases.

USILD trained lawyers are trained to be able to manage cases that have presented very complex legal and factual issues, which often are related to highly charged political and historical events. Mock trial cases have included such diverse communities as World War II prisoners of war, conscripted civilians and entire villages. In this cutting-edge practice area, USILD vigilantly in its training program keeps abreast of new state and national legislation and case-law developments. USILD training goal is to impart in litigator lawyers the ability to achieve positive precedents by zealously prosecuting and establishing justice for the benefit of peoples.

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