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Purpose-driven strategy execution framework for government executives.

Leaders in government, non-profit, and education organizations face unique challenges when it comes to making strategic, business-oriented decisions. If not thoroughly planned and executed, these decisions have real consequences with high-stakes outcomes. What can we learn from world leaders and experts who have faced these monumental decisions? How can you build a high performing team to successfully execute strategic ideas? How do you execute a strategic initiative that has a long-lasting impact? Do you know how to effectively communicate your strategic approach, gathering input and support from key stakeholders? How will you anticipate and respond to scrutiny from shareholders, news media, and the public?

In most Usild programs you will learn real-life public sector challenges, showing you how a purpose-driven strategy execution framework can lead to long-term adoption and success. This government and nonprofit leadership training also offers the opportunity to study decisions of key public leaders, so you can better understand how to develop strategies that not only align with your organizational goals, but also gain insight into the challenges and scrutiny that come along with making public decisions. Too often, public strategies fail because leaders don’t think about execution, which is made up of leadership and management tools, as well as a team who anticipates all scenarios prior to putting your plan into place.

After successfully completed leadership development programs, you will not only have the tools to create a sound public strategy, implement or execute an initiative, but also know how to test and optimize your strategy, increase competitive advantage, and sustain long-term impact and success. This is the kind of the situations will be dealing with based on the following programs.

Explore Usild Government Programs:

Through global case studies and protagonist examples, you will explore topics that set you on a path to strengthen your public leadership skills, including leadership and team development, resource and budget planning, talent recruitment and retention, strategic communications and crisis management, and risk planning and mitigation tactics

Program courses will be delivered via USILD Online’s live-stream platform, in-person and immerse learners in real-world examples from experts at industry-leading organizations. By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Enhance your strategic thinking by understanding the core elements of public leadership, management, strategy, and execution

  • Develop the skills to institute strategic models that align with your goals and your stakeholders

  • Prepare to lead your organization to long-term success through a shared understanding of strategic direction

  • Create a culture of consistency, both internally and externally, that considers core objectives, resources, and environmental factors.

  • Know how to approach strategy both effectively and efficiently, incorporating feedback cycles and creating public value

  • Identify weaknesses and risks, developing the skills and planning to respond in a crisis

  • Develop strategic communications to effectively roll out new initiatives and anticipate shareholder and media feedback

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