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The Era of Digital Transformation

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You will learn the latest insights, practices, and research from some of the world’s foremost experts on industry disruption and digital transformation for the enterprise.

Assessing the Impact of the Evolving  Digital Technologies on Your Business


The emergence of digital technologies, and the disruptions they create, are reshaping companies and entire industries. In this dynamic environment, firms need to evolve not only to keep up with today's digital landscape, but also because those that are on top of trends and transformations today may face game-changing threats tomorrow. That’s why understanding current innovations and the successful harnessing of digital technologies is just the beginning. Staying steps ahead, and maintaining that position over the long term, takes new capabilities and perspectives to evaluate digital technologies strategically, to shape and leverage the organization, and to lead in the face of significant uncertainty and complexity.

Leading Digital Transformation brings you the latest insights, practices, and research from some of the world’s foremost experts on industry disruption and digital transformation for the enterprise. You will learn in real time through classroom sessions, hands-on simulation and learning experiences with fellow participants, conversations with industry authorities, peer networking, and office hours with faculty. A rigorous, learning journey will provide you with the leadership skills and vision it takes to transform digital disruption into the source of some of your firm’s greatest opportunities.

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Leading in the Digital Age
Competing in the Digital Era
Competing in the AI Age

Program Experience

In Leading Digital Transformation you will:

  • Explore digital disruption from the perspectives of strategy, organization, and leadership for the long term

  • Strengthen your skills as a visionary leader by learning how to spot digital opportunities, develop strategies around them, and pitch them persuasively to key stakeholders

  • Shift your mindset from traditional thinking on product- or service-based value creation and competition to a platform and ecosystem perspective, and understand the new set of strategic choices and tradeoffs they represent

  • Deepen classroom learning and begin reimagining your business through daily faculty-led integration sessions

  • Understand the challenges and opportunities presented by digital disruptions across industries and geographies by networking with a global peer group

  • Engage in a hands-on simulation to deepen your understanding of digital platform strategy

Experience and Impact

Technology can transform your business — or leave you far behind your competitors. In this highly actionable program, you will develop tools and capabilities for leading a continuous, agile, and strategic endeavor to harness and stay ahead of digital disruptions.

Because today’s technologies will quickly become obsolete and digital disruption looks different to every organization, this program does not focus on “how-tos” or one-size-fits-all approaches. Instead, USILD experts will help you develop your own framework for capturing opportunities for growth and competitive advantage. They will show you how to formulate digital strategies and align their execution across functions, harness the power of digital technologies and ecosystems, and strengthen vigilance and agility throughout your organization.

Leading Digital Transformation will help participants develop their own framework for capturing opportunities for growth and competitive advantage from emerging digital technologies.

You will deeply engage with these topics through classroom sessions, a hands-on simulation, small group work with fellow participants, and conversations with industry experts on some of today’s most cutting-edge topics. Daily integration sessions will help you extract key learnings that apply to your unique situation and consider what digital transformation means for your organization.

Session topics include:

  • Digital Disruption: Strategy, Organization, and Leadership Perspectives

  • Identifying and Pitching Digital Opportunities

  • From Products to Platforms (Simulation)

  • Organizational Agility and Networks

  • Vigilant Leadership

Convince Your Supervisor

Here’s a justification letter you can edit and send to your supervisor to help you make the case for attending this Wharton program.

Due to our application review period, applications submitted after 12:00 p.m. ET on Friday for programs beginning the following Monday may not be processed in time to grant admission. Applicants will be contacted by a member of our Client Relations Team to discuss options for future programs and dates.

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