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You will be empowered with tools, skills, principles for gaining, sustaining, and deploying competitive advantage.


What You'll Learn

The program focuses on the principles for gaining, sustaining, and deploying competitive advantage and on the fundamentals of competitive interactions—as these principles form the basis of all strategic decisions. Through a combination of interactive faculty presentations, group discussions, and classic and recent case studies, you will dig into why some strategies fail and others succeed. You will acquire both general frameworks and specific tools, and gain hands-on practice in making strategic decisions.

Key Topics

Competitive advantage
  • Assessing a market's attractiveness and key market trends

  • Pinpointing opportunities for advantage and activating them

  • Making competitive advantage durable

  • Understanding your competitors and anticipating competitor moves

  • Outsmarting your competitors

  • Choosing when to commit versus when to respond

Corporate and global strategy
  • Deploying competitive advantage to other markets

  • Gaining from combining multiple businesses

  • Competing globally

Innovation and change
  • Driving innovation strategy

  • Anticipating the need to change strategy

  • Executing effective strategy change

Strategy and strategic thinking
  • Leveraging strategy to drive your organization

  • Sharpening your strategic thinking

Role-play Simulation Exercises

To help you move from strategy to implementation, one of the program’s sessions provides a blueprint to apply key lessons to your own company. Focused on identifying opportunities for profitable differentiation, this hands-on exercise helps you assess your company's positioning relative to competitors and pinpoint the most promising avenues for improvement and growth. This helps you to decide how to deploy your organization's resources to maximum effect.

Please note: The entire program is conducted with strict confidentiality. Any information on your company shared during program discussions is treated as completely private, and all feedback is considered proprietary to the companies involved.

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