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Attendance & Exam Policy
Attendace Policy - Certificate Programs

To successfully complete your program and receive your certificate you must attend and participate in 80% or more of the program sessions for programs that lasts 5 days or more. For example, if your program is 8 sessions over a period of 8 weeks, you will need to attend 7 of the 8 sessions to successfully complete the program. For a 1, 2, 3, or 4 day program you will need to attend and participate in 100% of the sessions to successfully complete the program.

Exam Policy

If you have questions or need assistance during the Fall 2022 exam period visit Exam Central  or email

Monday to Thursday – 8:30AM – 10:30PM
Friday – 8:30AM – 6PM
Saturday – 9:30AM – 6PM

Exam Conflict / Exam Conflict Form

Two scheduled in-class exams that begin within a 30-hour period will be considered a conflict. A student with an exam conflict must take one of those exams at its scheduled time and may elect (unless otherwise specified) to take the other exam during a free slot after its scheduled time. Having a scheduled exam on each of three consecutive calendar days is also a conflict. To resolve this type of conflict, the exam scheduled for the middle calendar day will be deferred to a subsequent date.

A take home exam will be considered for the purpose of determining whether a conflict exists only when the deadline for its return is fixed on a specific calendar day that conflicts with a scheduled in-class exam and the exam is made available to the students within 24 hours or less of that deadline.  If you believe that you have a conflict between take home exams which are due on the same date, you should inquire in the Office of Student Services about the possibility of relief, which will depend on when each exam will be made available. Both take home exams would have to be available to you for a relatively short period of time for a conflict to exist.

If you have an exam conflict as defined above and wish to reschedule an exam, you must fill out an Exam Conflict Form and return the completed form to Barrack Hall Room 103 no later than the date specified each semester. Evening students may leave completed forms in the Office of Academic Records’ Box.

When a conflict exists, the Associate Dean for Student Affairs will determine which exam(s) must be taken as scheduled and which exam(s) is to be deferred. You will have an opportunity to state your preference on the Exam Conflict Form. You will be informed of any scheduled exam that is not allowed to be deferred. A deferred exam must be taken in a subsequent free slot of your choosing. Free slot periods are clearly marked on the exam schedule. No exam can be taken in advance of its scheduled administration.  If within the two week exam period you cannot arrange your overall exam schedule to avoid taking exams on successive calendar days, you may discuss the possibility of individualized relief with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

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