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Transforming computer scientists, employees into an innovative entrepreneurs.

What You'll Learn

Through interactive lectures, dynamic classroom discussions, and small group activities, you will discover new frameworks and operating models for developing breakthrough products and services. In the process, you will rethink your company's innovation system and begin to create a more customized and focused innovation strategy.

Participants should expect to spend at least 9-12 hours on self-paced case preparation prior to attending the program. Case materials will be made available approximately two weeks prior to program start.

Course Details

Exploring innovation systems and tools
  • Applying design thinking to drive innovation

  • Viewing the CEO as chief innovator

  • Improving development processes and innovation strategy

  • Leading digital business experimentation

  • Examining best practices in prototyping and experimentation

Linking innovation strategy to execution
  • Assessing the drivers of new product or service adoption

  • Determining when to change your channel or pricing strategy

  • Considering overall positioning in the context of existing product lines

  • Predicting demand and rates of diffusion when marketing new innovations

Transforming your business
  • Designing magical customer experiences that stick

  • Keeping up with changes in the digital marketplace

  • Controlling operational complexity

  • Enabling long-term growth through innovation

  • Recognizing the potential impact of new technologies

Examining new innovation models
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence for new business models

  • Promoting adoption and predicting sales levels

  • Executing a new vision, delivering organic growth, and improving margins

  • Exploring the impact of disruptive business models

  • Anticipating and responding to new technical trends

Building an action agenda
  • Launching and managing innovation initiatives

  • Ensuring that innovation continues in times of shrinking budgets and resources

  • Building adaptable project teams

  • Understanding how management myths can get in the way of innovation

  • Leveraging networks and ecosystems to share risks and increase reach

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