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Curriculum -India

The innovative and comprehensive curriculum of the Senior Executive Leadership Program—India will take you beyond business basics to focus on the challenges of greatest concern to corporate leaders today—across India and the globe. 

There are three intensive in-class modules. These modules include faculty presentations, case discussions, guest speakers, and skill-building exercises. Through personal coaching and special projects, you will address the leadership challenges facing you and your organization. Between modules, work on an individual strategy project and sharpen your leadership skills. As you try out new approaches in your workplace, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your experience, receive feedback from your boss and colleagues, and bring new insights back to the classroom.

Note that participants are subjected to spend at least 30 hours on self-paced case preparation prior to attending Module 1 of the program. Case materials will be made available approximately 10 days prior to program start.

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Key Topics

Imperatives for today's organizations and leaders

Receive an overview of critical business issues and topics that you will examine in greater depth in subsequent modules, including:

  • Strategy: Looking critically at your business as a whole; evaluating your company's capabilities, advantages, potential, and challenges in the context of the global economy; and cultivating new sources of value and advantage

  • Leadership: Building your capabilities in the context of the leader's multifaceted role; becoming a more effective negotiator; leading authentically and ethically while creating a more accountable organization; and driving changes that generate performance and shareholder value

  • Innovation: Becoming an entrepreneurial leader; leveraging design thinking and improving

  • your organization's ability to innovate; and taking full advantage of digital technologies and related opportunities

  • Globalization: Gaining a broader understanding of the increasingly interconnected global economy and how global conditions affect your company's opportunities and challenges in both developed and emerging markets


Diving deeply into the case method of learning, you will open yourself to new insights as you work individually, in small groups, and in the larger classroom. You will begin working on your Value Mapping Strategy Project and also use a detailed questionnaire as the basis for starting work with your personal coach.

Creating, capturing, and measuring value

You will examine how successful companies build the capabilities to create customer value and sustain competitive advantage. In the process, you will expand your ability to define, measure, and monitor performance—and align your company's operations to achieve its strategic objectives.

  • Design sound competitive strategies and growth plans

  • Deliver more value to customers—and corporate stakeholders

  • Empower employees and align service levels and cultures with strategic choices

  • Translate corporate mission and business strategy into a comprehensive set of performance targets and measures

  • Balance economic, social, and governance goals while managing risk

Becoming an agile leader

You will focus on improving your personal performance as a leader and refining a key executive skill—negotiating. Examining multiple dimensions of innovation, you will learn how open, creative, and exploratory thinking can contribute to both personal and organizational success.

  • Adapt your leadership style to your organization's needs while managing competing demands on your time

  • Expand your ability to manage yourself, your team, and your internal and external networks

  • Negotiate more effectively—in routine situations or in high-stakes deals on which your company's future depends

  • Develop and sustain an empowered, entrepreneurial, and innovative culture

  • Embrace the strategic and tactical opportunities presented by new technologies and trends

Leadership and change

You will refine leadership strategies that can help you take your company forward. Reflecting on course themes and your leadership journey during the past year, you will delve into the nature of authentic, responsible leadership and prepare to continue growing as a leader throughout your career.

  • Drive the changes that align your organization to achieve strategic goals while improving accountability

  • Meet your organization's ongoing financial needs, ethical obligations, and legal requirements

  • Foster effective teamwork by empowering and inspiring others

  • Lead authentically with greater self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and integrity

  • Balance work and home life and obtain greater satisfaction from your leadership role

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