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Working with Congress/Parliament for Government Executives




As a senior leader, understanding how Congress functions can help you develop strategies to better represent your department or agency with Members of Congress and Congressional staff. This seminar explores the complex mix of policies, personalities, and politics that drive policy development on Capitol Hill.

In order to work effectively with Congress, it is essential to know the culture and realities of Capitol Hill. During this virtual presentation, you’ll get a first-hand look at the workings of Congress by virtually visiting Congressional hearings and interacting with a variety of key players who have worked with Congress.

Through group discussions, breakout exercises, video presentations, and an interactive case study, you’ll gain a better understanding the current political environment in which federal managers must be effective.

  • External Awareness

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Partnering

  • Political Savvy

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Vision

Core Competencies:


  • 3 days


How You Will Benefit


  • Understanding committee and personal office staff structures and their importance can help you communicate more effectively with Members and staff

  • Discussing the dynamics of congressional hearings allows you to better understand the electoral pressures on members of Congress

  • Exploring how and why special interest groups lobby Congress will allow you to further examine the pressures of competing stakeholders

  • Learn about the key actors in Congress, Congressional decision makers affecting the Executive Branch, and their motivations will help you develop strategies to work more effectively Congress in your role as a Federal executive

  • Understanding the authorization, appropriations, and budget process allows you to serve with more vision, political savvy, and awareness


Who Should Attend

SES members, GS-15 employees, and their equivalents in local and state government.

Additional Information

Online courses will use Zoom for audio and screen sharing. You do not need to create accounts or download any programs in order to access this technology. More information and instructions will be shared prior to the course.

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