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Climbing at Top: Finding the Leader Within

The new configuration of the world has generated concerns for organizations to be surrounded by men and women who can lead with courage and conviction through challenging times and toward worthy, positive change. This live online session will explore the tools, behaviors, insights, and self-awareness of iconic leaders, how they used these assets toward powerful ends, and how they brought those they led along in pursuit of their respective missions. You will leave the program with an array of actionable learning outcomes, including the development of your own personal leadership plan.

Key Benefits

Climbing at Top: Finding the Leader Within is a program designed for mid-career professionals ready to move forward their organization mission—and career—with greater purpose and focus. By concentrating on eight leaders throughout history and how each of these women and men made themselves better, you will gain inspiration to be your best self as you build a tool box of specific action-oriented behaviors and perspectives to help you get there. Through live engagement with USILD faculty, guided self-reflections, and feedback from a global community of fellow leaders, you'll acquire the insights and skills to enhance your leadership capabilities while making a real, positive difference in the earth planet.


Live Stream Platform

Participant Profile


Discover your leadership style
  • Build upon your self-awareness and enhance your own resilience, courage, and self-discipline

  • Learn to lead with conviction through challenging times

  • Develop a personal leadership plan that will enrich and strengthen the way in which you lead long after the course ends

Lead organizational change
  • Increase your ability to work effectively with others in pursuit of your organization's mission

  • Obtain the tools to continue growing your leadership capabilities

Expand your personal and professional network
  • Extend your network by connecting and working with accomplished directors from various backgrounds, industries, and countries across the globe

  • Build relationships with a diverse group of peers, who can provide wide-ranging insights into your personal leadership possibilities as well as the business challenges and career decisions you face

Who Should Attend

  • Mid-career professionals who are looking to identify and hone their leadership style while accessing the tools and techniques to turn organizational challenges into opportunities for positive change.

  • Emerging senior leaders who are searching to enhance their capabilities and capacity to work effectively with others.

Attendance by multiple company representatives will foster teamwork and amplify the program's impact on your organization.

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