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Process Improvement - Data-Driven Root Cause Analysis


Have you ever been asked to solve a problem in your organization, but you aren’t sure what’s causing the issue? Most federal employees have, and this training will provide you with the skills necessary to solve problems on your own and as a team member. Root cause analysis (RCA) uses a fact-based and data-driven approach to focus on identifying the fundamental reason a problem exists. Once the root causes of a problem have been identified, you can work to solve the problem and prevent it from reoccurring.

This virtual, instructor-led, synchronous one-day training has been developed for individuals in the public sector. It will incorporate presentations, discussions, and collaborative work to effectively teach you how to solve organizational problems.


How You Will Benefit

This course will provide you with the skills necessary to uncover underlying causes of problems through a step-by-step approach focused on:

  • Clearly identifying and understanding the problem

  • Identifying potential causes

  • Validating potential causes

  • Identifying and prioritizing solutions

  • Confirming results after solution implementation



Who Should Attend

We welcome anyone with an interest in identifying and addressing root causes of organizational challenges.

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