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  • Continual Learning

  • External Awareness

  • Flexibility

  • Leveraging Diversity

  • Resilience

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Team Building


  • 4 hours




Improving customer experience (CX) remains a priority for Federal agencies. Some have already established a robust CX culture that delivers high-quality experiences to their customers, while others are still working to build theirs.

This Senior Executive Leadership Lab will give senior executives a chance to dive deeper in leading with CX. Whether you are aiming to establish or improve a CX culture, this session is designed to focus on your unique CX needs. This hands-on session will lead to actionable steps specific to you and your organization. You’ll work with fellow senior executives and CX experts to develop a customized action plan for a CX challenge in your agency.


During this Senior Executive Lab, you will:

  • Develop a specific action plan tailored to move the CX needle on your organization’s unique CX challenge or initiative.

  • Enhance your leadership acumen and understanding of enterprise-level CX challenges and what other agencies are doing to address them.

  • Expand your CX knowledge with new tools and references that will assist you to lead in this area.

  • Collaborate with fellow Senior Executives to expand your professional network.

Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ) and ECQ Competencies Addressed
- ECQ 1: Leading Change - Flexibility, Strategic Thinking, Resilience, and External Awareness.
- ECQ 2: Leading People - Leveraging Diversity and Team Building.


Who Should Attend

Career Senior Executive Service (SES), Senior Level (SL), and Scientific or Professional (ST), and other SES-equivalent members.

Additional Information

Registered participants will receive a pre-survey, agenda, and materials a few days prior to the start of the program.

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