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Competencies-Based Leadership Certificate Programs

With program courses offered online, Usild Certificates of Leadership Competencies are more accessible than ever before, bringing you closer to achieving your developmental goals. You also have the option to further develop your strengths and expand your impact in organizations with in-person sessions scheduled in various locations around the world. Please check the availability of spot at

In each Usild Certificate of Competencies level, Usild faculty and government leadership experts  participate in content-rich modules that provide:

  • Assessments of current leadership effectiveness and/or potential

  • Overviews of key leadership competencies critical to success

  • Intensive development of workplace-relevant skills

  • Interagency collaborative learning environments

  • Faculty with government and leadership expertise


At Individual Dimension: You will earn alongside your peers and build professional networks in the program's cross-agency courses. You'll enroll in courses at your own pace, giving you time to digest, reflect upon, and plan how to apply your learning. Validate your mastery with a capstone presentation that synthesizes your learning through reflection, planning, and action.

At Organization level: By training tomorrow's leaders today, the Usild Certificate of Leadership Competencies (UCLC)  Program helps agencies meet the challenge of succession management. The UCLC Program can be delivered in a cohort format for groups within your agency, bringing measurable value to organizations through:

  • Clear progression to support succession management

  • Networking and sharing of best practices among agencies

  • Ease of government-to-government interagency agreements

Transforming Today's Employees into Tomorrow's Great Leaders

The United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy implemented this competencies-based leadership certificates program  to provide employees from all stripes, especially employees from any government around the world a path toward leadership development with clear progression to support governments'  succession planning. Courses align with the executive core qualifications used by many USA departments and agencies in selection, performance management, and development for leadership positions. You will be empowered with transformative leadership skills that will set you in a position of a divinely driven leader who transforms outcomes in business, organization, community, nation, or our world for the befits of people. You’ll be challenged with difficult exercises of assessing your leadership effectiveness, gain core knowledge, and develop critical skills for leadership success, whether for your current leadership role or one you aspire to. Through a combination of core classes and electives, you’ll focus on essential leadership competencies while personalizing your own growth journey to help fulfill your Individual Development Plan (IDP). After successfully completion of each program and successfully pass all assessment tests and final exams, the Executive and Leadership Council of the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy will confer upon you the Certificate of Leadership Competencies with level corresponding to the leadership competencies level program you've been enrolled. 

Leadership Competencies
Certificate Levels: I, II, III, IV, & V

Objective of Each Leadership Competencies Level and Its Corresponding

Professional Outcomes


A combination of core classes and electives will put you squarely on the path to career development. You’ll focus on essential leadership competencies while personalizing your own growth journey to help fulfill your Individual Development Plan (IDP). View a list of required courses for each certificate level at above.

Gain fundamental competencies to grow your confidence as a high-performing, rising leader.

Learn leadership strategies while refining skills for building, managing, and participating in teams and projects.

Build skills that emphasize exercising influence and authority, knowing when to lead and when to manage, and fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Acquire strategies to align operations with organizational priorities, mobilize employees, and create innovative solutions to complex challenges

Emerging and aspiring leaders in non-supervisory or non-managerial roles. Recommend for grades up to GS-9.

Individuals aspiring to be a team lead or currently leading teams or projects. Recommended for grades GS 11-13.

New federal supervisors, supervisors in their first year, or any supervisor wanting to excel. Recommended for grades GS 13-15.

Second-level leaders, supervisor of supervisors, and/or accountable for specific line or staff functions. Recommended for grades GS 14-15.

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