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Project-Based Learning

The United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy provides government employees and their agencies with dynamic and innovative leadership and professional development solutions. Our courses and programs are designed within the purpose of transforming today's employees into tomorrow’s leaders through learning that inspires action. We offer:

Process and Performance Improvement


Our team leverages proven, data-driven methodologies to partner with agencies across the federal government. We help build improvement capacity while solving organizational challenges and implementing sustainable improvements.

Contact us to learn more about our programs and partnership opportunities.

Training programs for individuals from any agency

We conduct virtual, instructor-led, synchronous training programs specifically developed for the public sector. These interagency courses incorporate presentations, discussions, and collaborative work to effectively teach individuals how to increase the effectiveness of processes in their organizations.

Customized training programs and workshops for teams or organizations

We partner with public sector organizations to design, develop, and facilitate customized trainings and workshops.  These programs can range from one-day to multi-week programs and are developed to meet specific organizational needs and objectives. We focus on teaching key process improvement techniques and facilitating sessions that directly support solving problems and advancing strategic improvement priorities across the organization or enterprise. 

Agency-specific, project-based learning solutions to execute improvements while building internal improvement capacity

We partner with public sector organizations to strategize, prioritize, and execute process improvement initiatives utilizing a project-based learning approach. With our support, leadership, and coaching, your agency can meet immediate process improvement needs while concurrently building improvement capacity for future efforts through participatory learning experiences.

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