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Names of the God & Its Meanings

Types of Petitions to Asked to Michael:

I feel like the Most High has entrusted in my soul the mission of shining light in the midst of darkness. I have been working for this task for several years. Governments around the world work within the scope of self-interests, with the tests of dominations, pride, self-glorification, leading them to commit in acts that farther for human rights abuses against civilian populations, injustices, discriminations, non-observance for poor. Most of them are members of associations of which its adherents are empowered by the power of darkness. The churches are being misled by the expansion of the power of darkness. The planet earth in in mess. We've created the United States Institute of Leadership within the purpose of training and empowering a new generation of leadership who would lead in accordance to God'sWill. We've created the ORPE Human Rights Advocates for the purpose of advancing the causes of those who cannot assert their own fundamental rights, especially, for the alleviation of poverty. Without wisdom, power, understanding, courage and fearlessness coming from the order from which you rule, it's impossible to accomplish these missions. Because of the importance of this enterprise, for the sake of liberty and justice of inhabitants of the planet Earth, for the sake of poor, I Santo Antonio, invite Saint Michael to personally get involved in this endeavor. I therefore asked you to grant unto me the following attribute which are under your sphere of jurisdiction:


  • Wisdom to perform Justice

  • Understanding

  • Courage, fearless

  • Power (Fire Energy) that destroy dark powers, dark forces, and dark energies

  • Healing power or energy that perform heal in a wide range of region

  • Gift of healing any kind of infirmities through my hands touch

  • Gift of miracle working 

  • Ability to Access the 4th Heaven

  • Intlligence


Dear Michael, these gifts are intended for the performance of justice, alleviate suffering in human beings, especially ministering for poor.

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