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Smart Use of Personal Skills of Mind, Key to Becoming a Succeessful Leader

One of the big secret for progress on the path of leadership is the smart use of the power of of the subconsciousness. Great leaders of great purpose understand the relationship of will and subconsciousness. In this program you will discover the secret relation between will and subconsciousness and how this last one is used in best way for progresson the path of a gifted leadership.

Mindset Theory

  • The polarity of Mind

  • Intelligence, Awareness and Consciousness

  • Autosuggestion vs atohypnosis

  • Result and progress imagination

  • Disolving the Blockades

Managing Common Mental Illnesses

Practice of Mental Skills

  • The right preparation

  • Induction

  • Programing the Mudra

  • The Place to Be

  • Lead out

  • The Pika-Pika Breathing

Imagination: First Key to Your Success

Auto suggestion

  • Mental Training

  • Psychic Training

  • Physucal Training

Develop Persuasion & Influencing

How to Acquire the Elements of  A Successful Personality

Cultivating the Behavior of Happiness

How to Use the Power of Rational Thinks

Failure Mechanism- How Can It Work for You Instead of Against  You

How to Unlock Your True Personality

How to Eliminate Emotional Dard Spots

How to Acquire to Feeling of Victory

Self-Image: Key for a Better Life

You Can Create Your Own Relaxer that Bring Peace of Spirit

Discover the Mechanisms of Success within You

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