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Become a Great Leader through Mastering the  Art of Debating in Negotiations, Politics & Diplomatic Settings

As it was demonstrated by Dr. Edward T Moises in his article published on this website, great leaders  are those who are able to translate ideas into policy.  This is known as political skill. Political skill refers to the ability for a leader to work with Congress and other key actors to pass his political agenda. As it was aptly noted by Richard E. Neustadt, great leader is the one who has the power to govern and persuade the five constituencies within the system: executive officials, party leaders, member of Congress (or Parliament), the general public, and foreign leaders. In the Art of Debating  you will be trained on how to discover actionable strategies for reprogramming your mindset and achieve success in a debate contest.  your leadership traits from inside out to become a powerful debater and you become a Great Change Maker of a Great Purpose.

In this program you will be trained on:

  • How to discover actionable strategies for reprogramming your mindset and achieving success in the art of debating

  • Mastering Strategic Planning, Communication Tactics, Vision, and other core skills great leaders have

  • Build confidence towards becoming a lifelong debater and advocate of a Great purpose


In addition, you will be imparted with debating skills through an intensive practice of the following core skills:

  • The art of Listening

  • Ability of establishing theory of a case related to the issues at a debate

  • Arguing and clarifying the theory of case

  • Proving with evidence in relation to the theory of the case

  • Master ethical rules in debate and being honest in the nature of your evidence

  • Evaluating your opponents arguments using SWOT method

  • Settling & finding more argumentative focus near the end

  • Analyze Reasons of Winning or Loosing in Debates

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