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Advocacy and Political Management Certificate

Master the Art of Advocacy and Political Management

In this Session you will be trained on:

  • How to discover actionable strategies for reprogramming your mindset and achieving success in the area of political management

  • Mastering strategic planning, communication tactics, vision, and other core skills great leaders have

  • Building confidence towards becoming a lifelong political guru and advocate of a great purpose

  • Gaining technical skills in quantitative analysis, data analytics, and survey research

  • Having deep understanding of voting behavior, polling, campaign strategy, technology and social media, campaign finance and ethics, and PR and marketing communications


  • This is an outstanding program taught by leading academics and political consultants who have extensive experience in local, state, and national campaign.


Positions include:

  • Political consultant

  • Campaign manager

  • Campaign field organizer

  • Constituent liaison

  • TV news producer

  • Research data analyst

  • Communications director

  • PR consultant

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