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Key Concepts

You will build skills and become familiar with concepts such as building data culture, enabling co-creation, or data-informed decision-making. You will also have the opportunity to explore a challenge you are currently facing in your organization and develop a specific action plan.

What You'll Learn

You will be blended with new skills based on teaching methods that includes case studies, interactive lectures, self-assessment tools, small group work, simulations, and immersive learning experiences. You will be driven in the path of discovering and practicing a non-traditional leadership approaches that inspire success in the digital era.

Key Topics

Leadership imperatives in the digital era
  • Recognizing which aspects of leadership are changing in the digital era and why

  • Understanding how digital technologies have changed the expectations of employees, customers, investors, and the broader society

  • Analyzing why the stakes are rising for leaders—and how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the pressure

  • Adapting to the speed of decision-making and the degree of uncertainty

  • Building partnerships and catalyzing ecosystems

Succeeding on the path to digital maturity
  • Fostering a sense of purpose throughout the organization

  • Creating a data culture and an organization that can make ethical and responsible data-informed decisions

  • Embedding responsible and ethical judgment into business decisions

  • Earning stakeholder trust

  • Enabling an outside-in perspective and developing contextual intelligence

Leading a digitally agile organization
  • Supporting a "challenger" mindset and the willingness to disrupt

  • Fostering continuous experimentation and learning in your organization

  • Nurturing a culture of experimentation with customer needs at the center

  • Encouraging and instilling a culture of curiosity and creativity

  • Accessing new capabilities through innovation labs and corporate accelerators

  • Helping employees develop new capabilities needed as the company matures

Collaboration at scale and distributed leadership
  • Distributing decision-making and enabling agile co-creation throughout the organization

  • Leading for co-creation vs. "followership"

  • Bringing together people with diverse skills and experiences to solve problems

  • Collaborating across remote and hybrid teams to strengthen culture and foster accountability

  • Empowering employees to solve problems and feel greater ownership

Leading for success in the digital era
  • Identifying and overcoming assumptions—in yourself and others—that may interfere with adopting new mindsets and behaviors

  • Becoming a digital change agent—and empowering other change agents in your organization to innovate

  • Understanding what it takes to align digital natives and digital immigrants in the digital transformation journey

  • Leveraging the insights and experiences of digital natives to inform vision and future journeys

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