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Leaders have always been confronted by the duty of inspiring others while making important decisions with incomplete information. Today’s leaders are confronted with challenges and opportunities that have never been more dynamic or complex. The Usild program of Leadership for Senior Executives is exactly designed to help leaders effectively understand and manage these forces.


Leadership for Senior Executives

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In today’s times of dynamic change and advanced technology the world is becoming more and more dominated by uncertainty and constant change that has generated an urgent need in organizations of all types and sizes for Senior Executives who have the courage and skills to reinvent and transform organizations, communities, nations, or our world for the benefits of people. Between expanding globalization, rapid technological shifts, and evolving social norms, how can leaders make the right strategic decisions and leadership choices? In the Leadership for Senior Executives program, you will learn how to manage this uncertainty by exploring five different roles: leader as beacon, leader as coach, leader as innovator, leader as change agent, and leader as architect.

Key Benefits

To lead in an uncertain world, you need to hone your "contextual intelligence" and understand the macro- and micro-level forces influencing your organization's success. This program will help you develop those capabilities and improve your competitive position in the marketplace.

Note that this program is eligible for the Certificate of Outstanding Manager. Learn More


Program Details

Build your contextual intelligence
  • Analyze how the environmental context influences how your organization operates and competes

  • Sharpen your contextual intelligence on a micro level (e.g., adapt your style to motivate and inspire your team) and macro level (e.g., leverage your awareness of the competitive landscape to make strategic decisions)

  • Infuse the organization with a sense of purpose

  • Build your personal versatility and enhance the adaptability of your organization

Improve how your organization responds to change
  • Discover new ways to lead organizational change

  • Identify the factors that are standing in the way of innovation

  • Learn from stories about organizations that have successfully or unsuccessfully adapted to change

Strengthen your organizational leadership
  • Understand the five roles of leaders (beacon, coach, innovator, change agent, and architect)

  • Evaluate your leadership style and how you give and receive feedback

  • Understand and leverage your leadership strengths

Maximize talent in your organization
  • Apply strategies for leveraging and retaining talent

  • Create an environment that brings out the best in your team

Take innovation to the next level
  • Create a context that encourages the development of both bottom-up and top-down ideas for improvement

  • Integrate design-thinking principles into your innovation practices

  • Evaluate whether your culture is conducive to innovation

Expand your personal and professional network
  • Extend your network by living and working with accomplished executives from various backgrounds, industries, and countries across the globe

  • Build relationships with a diverse group of peers who can provide wide-ranging insights into your business challenges and career decisions

Who Should Attend

  • Senior executives and executive team members with significant management responsibilities and at least 20 years of experience in large established organizations

  • Particularly appropriate for: Chief executive officers, chief operating officers, chief administrative officers, chief accounting officers, chief financial officers, senior vice presidents, general managers, senior human resource professionals, and divisional directors or leaders

Attendance by two or three members of the senior management team will foster teamwork and amplify the program's impact.

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