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Upcoming Session

Status: Check Back to Apply

The program fee covers registration, program materials, accommodations, and meals.

  • Dates: TBD

  • Format: In-Person

  • Location: HBS Campus

  • Fee: TBD


Join the Usild Leadership Network

As a member of the excusive Usild Leadership Network, you'll join a powerful network of leaders from over 100 countries. You'll also gain exclusive access to discounts on programs, publications, and more.  As an alumni. you are eligible to make part of a Usild Council. Each Council is governed by a Chair. An accredited Usild alumni is eligible to sit the board Council.

The following programs grant a certificate of completion and alumni status:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram


Discount on Continuing Learning Executive Education Programs

As a leader, you are a long life learner. As a member, you will make integral part of USILD Network for years to come.  Your professional and personal growth will continue to depend in part on continuing education. You will be returning to USILD over and over again to participate  in a series of events and educational programs. Some of executive education will require you to pay fees and as a member of USILD Network, you will access programs at a discounted rate. To encourage lifelong learning, USILD Executive Education alumni are eligible for 30 percent off most programs.


Enjoy an USILD email address.

Access a comprehensive online collection of a curated business research resources, available to you from anywhere in the world. The resources have been chosen specifically for HBS alumni to support your professional development, business development, career planning, and business research. In addition, you'll receive access to customized research through the alumni-only Baker for Business service.

USILD Network

Connect with members of USILD community worldwide at diverse business and social activities. to strengthening relationships and offering opportunities for continued learning, jobs and business opportunities, many of programs are tailored to reinforce the USILD mission of empowering the next generation of transformational leaders capable of advocating and advancing  programs deemed to transform organizations, communities, nations or our world for the benefits of peoples.

Get Discount on  USILD Products, and  Programs

You will benefit a discount of 20 percent on regularly priced items when you identify yourself as a member of USILD Network. This includes HBS Press books, Harvard Business Review article reprints, and case studies (subscriptions not included). If other discounts are offered, such as quantity or special pricing, the deepest available discount will apply.

Career Resources

USILD Career and Professional Development offers a comprehensive suite of career management and professional development resources to propel you forward. Leverage up to four complimentary Career Coaching appointments per year, LinkedIn Makeovers, Resume and Cover Letter templates and access to career development tools.

What constitutes membership or alumni status?

At USILD, any person who attained a certificate or a degree in a qualifying program is granted the status of alumni or member of the USILD Network. 

Current USILD programs that grant alumni status include:

1) All Degree Programs offered with the scope of the USILD

2) Certificate Programs

  • Advanced Management Program (AMP)

  • General Management Program (GMP)

  • Owner/President Management Program (OPM)

  • President's Program in Leadership (PPL)

  • Program for Leadership Development 

  • Senior Executive Leadership Program - Africa

  • Senior Executive Leadership Program—China (SELPCH)

  • Senior Executive Leadership Program—India (SELPI)

  • Senior Executive Leadership Program—Middle East (SELPME)


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