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Middle East Curriculum

The innovative and comprehensive curriculum of the Senior Executive Leadership Program—Middle East focuses on the challenges of greatest concern to corporate leaders today—across the Middle East and the globe. Requiring just seven weeks away from the office, the unique format maximizes learning and the development of a global perspective, while minimizing consecutive days away from home and work.

Four intensive learning modules — in Person at Usild Campus and Online Livestream- include faculty presentations, case discussions, guest speakers, personal coaching, and skill-building exercises. You will examine the practices of successful business leaders around the world and assess your own leadership approach. Between modules, you will work on an individual Value Mapping Strategy Project and sharpen your leadership skills. As you try out new approaches in your workplace, you will reflect on your experience, receive feedback from your boss and colleagues, and bring new insights back to the classroom.

You are advised to spend approximately 25-30 hours on self-paced case preparation prior to attending Module 1 of the program. Case materials will be made available approximately 10 days prior to program start.

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What You Will Learn

Key Topics

  • Practicing strategic thinking

  • Building strategic advantage through service and operational excellence

  • Creating customer value and building brands

  • Designing and executing growth strategies

  • Driving corporate performance

  • Leading teams and managing talent

  • Driving organizational change

  • Becoming a more effective negotiator

  • Managing corporate finance

  • Leading an accountable organization

  • Developing a more innovative organization

  • Understanding and promoting design thinking

  • Leveraging digital technologies

  • Becoming an entrepreneurial leader

  • Understanding the global economy

  • Building businesses in emerging markets

  • Expanding your global perspective

Imperatives for today's organizations and leaders

Expand your ability to think entrepreneurially about your company and its offerings in the context of the local, regional, and global business environment. Diving deeply into the case method of learning, you will open yourself to new insights as you work individually, in small groups, and in the larger classroom.

  • Explore the dynamics of the global economy and globalization

  • Recognize the opportunities and challenges created by the interactions among business, government, and the international economy

  • Identify, evaluate, and select high-potential opportunities in developed or emerging markets

  • Use a detailed questionnaire as the basis for starting work with your personal coach

Creating innovative, high-performance organization

Rejoining HBS faculty and peers, you will expand your ability to evolve an organization that can innovate continuously—in products, services, organizational structures, and business processes. You will develop new ways to sustain exceptional performance and deliver more value to stakeholders.

  • Nurture an experimentation mindset and a culture of innovation

  • Embrace the strategic and tactical opportunities presented by new technologies and trends

  • Create corporate value by strengthening financial management

  • Translate corporate mission and business strategy into a comprehensive set of performance targets and measures

  • Improve management-board relationships while strengthening governance, accountability, and risk management

Creating customer value and strategic advantage

You will explore how companies build competitive advantage by focusing on specific markets and delivering what customers truly value. Examining how the rise of digital technology has generated both obstacles and opportunities, you will continue to find new ways to create value for customers—and for your business.

  • Design and execute sound competitive strategies and growth plans

  • Foster a culture of customer centricity

  • Develop service excellence as a competitive advantage

  • Update your brand strategy

  • Determine your company's ideal size—and whether to operate locally, regionally, or globally

  • Maximize the value of partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions

Becoming a transformational leader

You will refine your personal leadership strategies, continue to explore opportunities created by ongoing digital innovation, evaluate your leadership journey over the past several months, and prepare to continue developing yourself and your organization.

  • Invest in and empower the people who will enable your organization to succeed

  • Recognize and exploit disruptive opportunities

  • Drive the changes that align your organization to achieve strategic goals

  • Adapt your leadership style to the needs of your team and your organization

  • Negotiate more effectively—in routine situations and in high-stakes deals on which your company's future depends

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