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You will be exposed and learn alongside with other accomplished fellow businesswomen and take advantage of the way they have overcame their challenges.



Women Leadership Symposium will introduce you to other accomplished senior businesswomen from around the world. You will learn together and engage you in an intensive, highly customized learning experience that includes faculty presentations, case studies, small-group exercises, self-assessments, and coaching. The program features the latest research on leadership, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and emerging best practices that are helping today's most successful companies outperform the competition. As you learn how other successful women have overcome challenges in their industries, their companies, and their personal interactions, you will expand your repertoire of leadership strategies.

What You'll Learn

Program Add On

Facilitator Group

You will be submitted to a routine assignment of meeting small group facilitated by a professional coach—to work on your Challenge Statement, a document you have created to prioritize your personal challenges and goals. These intimate meetings will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, further articulate and overcome personal leadership challenges, and develop your personal action plan. The action plan will help you apply your learning and continue developing as a leader when you return to work. The Board of Advisor meetings also provide an opportunity to sharpen your career vision and goals for the future. While every group is different, some Boards find these meetings to be so valuable that they continue discussions in monthly calls long after the program ends.

Exceptional networking opportunities

The program provides ample opportunities for networking in special sessions each day and at lunches and dinners. You will be able to connect with people inside and outside your industry, your region, and your business function.

Key Topics

  • Aligning your leadership strategy and style with your own personal values and self-image

  • Becoming a more authentic leader

  • Driving higher levels of performance

  • Leading at times of crisis

  • Connecting with peers and your team more effectively

  • Leading organizational change and creating an environment that inspires and sustains results-focused change

  • Implementing ethical negotiation and decision-making strategies across all levels of the organization

  • Championing inclusion

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