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Usild Leadership and Competencies Development Certificate Programs

The demand for skilled leaders in the Governments, Corporations, Nonprofit, and International Organizations around the world is greater than ever before.  USILD’s leadership certificate programs are comprised of one and two-day courses with a focused curriculum designed to quickly impart knowledge, skills and competencies that you can immediately use. Courses align with the executive core qualifications (ECQ’s) identified by OPM.

Leadership Certificate Programs are offered at 4 levels:

  • Leadership Training for New Leader Certificate Program

  • Leadership Training Program for Emerging Leader Certificate Program

  • Leadership Training for Supervisors and Mangers

  • Leadership Training for Senior Leaders

You’ll assess your leadership effectiveness, gain core knowledge, and develop critical skills for leadership success, whether for your current leadership role or one you aspire to. Through a combination of core classes and electives, you’ll focus on essential leadership competencies while personalizing your own growth journey to help fulfill your Individual Development Plan (IDP). Each program culminates with a certificate signed by the Executive Director of USILD , formally recognizing your achievement.

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Leadership Courses for Emerging Leaders

If you’ve been recommended by a superior for future leadership or if you’re a proactive self-starter, these courses are right for you!

Leadership Program for New Leaders

These courses are appropriate for employees who are new or recently promoted into a position of leadership. This includes those in the process of taking on a new role or have been in a position of leadership for three years or less.

Leadership courses for New Leader Courses:

Leadership Program for Experienced Leaders

If you have been in a formal position of authority for 5 years or more, these courses are right for you!

Programs for Experienced Leaders:

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