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Our Values

Integrity - Compassion - Light

We are light shiners in the midst of darkness. We act with courage and operate with transparency, accountability, and ethics.

Excellence and Savvy

We are accountable to the universal Most High. We hold ourselves—as individuals and as a team—accountable for high-quality work that prioritizes bestowed wisdom of creativity, reflection, intention, and sustainability. We are professionals with bestowed insight and expertise that we actively share with individuals, organizations, communities, or nations for the benefit of people.

Community and Humanity

We are accessible and inclusive in our practices and programs, centering our members, organizations members, and the communities in our decisions. We value the knowledge of our experienced members and diverse communities. We find ways to have fun, enjoy life, and celebrate spiritual as well as the human side of our bestowed purposes of the life while recognizing the critical impact of our work as part of the institution dedicated in the mission of shinning light in the midst of darkness in the sphere of this planet earth.

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