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Upcoming Sessions

Status: Accepting Applications

The program fee covers tuition, books, case materials, accommodations, and most meals.


  • 15 JUL–05 OCT 2024 — Module 1 (Virtual, Self-Paced)

  • 06–18 OCT 2024 — Module 2 (Usild Campus)

  • 19 OCT 2024–18 JAN 2025 — Module 3 (Virtual, Self-Paced)

  • 19–31 JAN 2025 — Module 4 (Usild Campus)

  • Dates: 15 JUL 2024–31 JAN 2025

  • Format: Blended

  • Location: Virtual and Usild Campus

  • Fee: $11,000


Senior Executive - China

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Today's global business environment offers many exciting prospects for talented executives and ambitious organizations. To take full advantage of emerging opportunities in China and beyond, businesses need exceptional leaders—forward-thinking executives who are skilled at strategy and ready to tackle challenges in the Chinese market, such as copycat competitors, labor costs, and other factors that can slow growth.

Taught in a series of modules offered at Usild Campus and China, this China senior executive leadership program helps you become a stronger leader who can deliver value in a global context, drive new levels of innovation, and build accountable, high-performance organizations.

Key Benefits

Taught in both Chinese and English with simultaneous translation, this program is designed to strengthen the leadership capacity of growing companies. You will expand your ability to assess your business as a whole—to look outward and craft local, regional, and global strategies and to look inward and lead organizational changes that create value and drive performance. Developing these skills on the job can take years—but this program speeds the process by preparing you to contribute to corporate success on a more strategic and senior level.


  • Gain a new ability to think strategically, seize growth opportunities, and compete successfully both within the region and globally

  • Foster the innovations that will improve your organization's ability to deliver value to customers and build brand equity

  • Measure, monitor, and communicate corporate performance while driving critical change

  • Lead authentically and ethically at all levels and nurture a culture of accountability

  • Build confidence in yourself as a leader, decision-maker, and negotiator

  • Develop enduring bonds with accomplished peers who span functions, industries, and countries

  • Take advantage of resources for lifelong learning as a member of the global HBS alumni community

Who Should Attend

  • Senior executives, senior functional leaders, or general managers leading successful, established companies in China who want to sharpen their management and leadership skills and are preparing to assume new responsibilities or drive growth initiatives

  • Entrepreneurs with established start-ups and executives planning to establish or expand their presence in China


  • Large, established companies, either private or state-owned

  • Entrepreneurial ventures—either new companies or new ventures within established companies

  • Growing family businesses

  • Multinational firms with an increased presence in China

  • Others whose business interests include success within the region or with a partner in the region

  • Nonprofit organizations

  • Government agencies, especially those working closely with the private sector

The program content is global in nature and applicable to the Chinese business environment. The program's location will naturally draw extensive participation from China, affording valuable networking opportunities to participants from the region and to those from organizations initiating or expanding their presence in China.

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